Just because a project is complete does not mean that your relationship needs to end with your customerWhen you maintain strong relationships with each homeowner you have completed project with, it builds a pipeline of repeat customers and homeowner referrals in the home improvement industry. These long-term relationships are vital to helping your business thrive in the future. 

When following up with homeowners, it is easy to let the finished projects slide to the bottom of your to-do list. But make it a priority to maintain homeowner relationships post-project completion. Reach out to those customers again in the future, and your efforts will pay off. 

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Why Talk to Homeowners After Project Completion

Here are three main reasons why it is worth your time to followup with homeowners after each project is complete: 

Referral Program 

Share details about your referral program so that homeowners know what to do when friends and family search for a contractor. Some of the highest quality leads come from personal referrals. When someone is looking for a provider, they trust the opinion and recommendations from someone they know. 

Statistics show: 

  • 46 percent of homeowners reach out to friends and family when searching for a contractor. 
  • 92 percent of customers trust the quality of services when a referral comes from someone they know.  
  • When a potential lead comes from a friend’s recommendations, that lead is 4x more likely to buy.  

As you see, referral outreach is an excellent way to drive more deals! 

Online Reviews 

Before signing the contract, you can count on homeowners looking at online reviews for information about your company. Some people take the initiative to leave a review right away, but most homeowners need a little reminder or request.  

Send links to your most popular review platforms to your satisfied customers, such as Google or Facebook. Written reviews are great – but a photo or video reviews are even better. Ask homeowners to share pictures or videos and then repost them on your website.  

Future Projects 

Stay at the top of mind, so each homeowner knows whom to call when they need additional services in the future. For example, sending monthly newsletters to your existing clients will ensure that homeowners will think of you as the first go-to option for additional projects. 

Types of Communication: Post-Project Completion

Following up after the completion of a project is simple when you have an excellent system in place. Write out the messages, organize your workflow, then have an office employee oversee these follow-up conversations. 

Prioritize quality over quantity with your follow-through actions. People do not want an influx of messages in their inbox. A few emails here and there will keep your brand relevant and helps people stay up-to-date in the industry – which turns a one-time customer into a repeat customer. 

Consider sending two types of emails to your post-project customer list: 

  • Monthly Newsletters: A check-in once a month is excellent for sharing customer reviews, discussing industry headlines, or announcing new services you are offering.  
  • Promotional Updates: Be a little bolder with a request for referrals. Also, send a promotional message for homeowners to forward to a friend or relative who might be interested in your services. 

When you pair a reliable lead source with your new follow-up strategies, you are setting your business up for future success. At Modernize, we help interested homeowners connect with contractors like you. Reach out to learn how we can help you connect with more homeowners and ultimately close more deals. 

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