Use Muriatic Acid for Tough Concrete Offenders

Don’t you just hate it when someone parks in your garage or driveway and their car leaks oil or antifreeze all over your nice concrete surface? Of course they are very apologetic, but unfortunately, that doesn’t restore your soiled concrete to a new condition again. The good news is that there are many effective methods for removing stains out of concrete, and for the especially tough offenders, there is muriatic acid.

muriatic acid

Muriatic acid is an extremely dangerous hydrogen chloride gas dissolved in water that can be used as a household cleaner. Also called hydrochloric acid, it will badly burn almost anything it comes in contact with, with the exception of concrete. That is why you should only use muriatic acid if you are left with no other alternatives. The acid works by reacting with the alkalinity of the concrete and slightly etches the surface. When it is washed away, it leaves a clean surface that is more receptive to stains or paints.

It’s recommended that you leave this treatment up to a professional. If you are going to attempt it, though, here are the basic steps for application.

  • Begin by applying protective clothing. This includes a special respirator as well as rubber gloves and rubber boots. Be sure to protect your eyes as well. Muriatic acid releases a strong odor that will burn your eyes and throat. As an extra precaution, have a neutralizing agent nearby in case of accentual spills. Baking soda, water, and garden lime are all effective.
  • Using only a plastic bucket, dilute the acid. ONLY ADD ACID TO WATER, NOT WATER TO ACID!
  • Apply to the stain with a brush or sprayer.
  • Rinse away the acid when finished, being very careful not to allow the solution to damage plants or to enter a storm drain.

If you feel you need a strong stain remover used on your concrete surface, then request the assistance of aprescreened concrete specialist in your area today.

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