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7 Bathroom Mirror Ideas

It may seem like a purely decorative item, but a bathroom mirror truly does serve a purpose we cannot live without. Not only do we use bathroom mirrors for shaving, doing makeup, styling our hair and other tasks, but they also help to make the bathroom appear larger. If you are looking to choose the right mirror for your bathroom remodel, there are a lot of options out there. Circular, square, LED lights, geometric, or even medicine cabinets are just a handful of bathroom mirror ideas for your space. Continue exploring this page to find the right idea for you!

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Square or Rectangular Bathroom Mirrors

This is the most traditional of the choices for bathroom mirrors, but it does not mean that they are lacking in style.

bathroom mirror

For one, rectangular mirrors can be hung to be horizontal or vertical depending on the size of your bathroom vanity. Secondly, there are a variety of designs out there to match your style. Look for different colored and sized frames, or even frameless mirrors. Frames can also be purchased separately, or you can opt to put in small bathroom tiles as an artful frame.

Round Bathroom Mirrors

Circular mirrors and oval mirrors are growing in popularity for bathrooms. They remove some of the hard edges that we are used to in the bathroom vanities.

round bathroom mirror

Like other mirrors, round bathroom mirrors can have frames of different colors or be frameless. Tap into a nautical or farmhouse style with a round mirror hung by a rope, or shabby chic with a weathered wooden frame.

Modern Geometric Mirrors

Tap into art deco design inspiration with geometric bathroom mirrors. This bathroom mirror idea is a show-stopper, particularly with brass frames or a dramatic sunburst design. These geometric mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, making them a good fit for any size bathroom.

geometric mirror

Bathroom Mirrors with Lights

Add a touch of modern to your bathroom with an LED-lit bathroom mirror. LED lights are not only energy efficient bathroom lights, but they provide the right lighting for focused tasks at the sink.

Modern, sleek bathroom with a vanity.

These mirrors can be connected to the main power unit of your bathroom or operate separately with a switch. Dimmers are a common feature on LED bathroom mirrors, too. These mirrors tend to be on the pricier side.

Mirror Pairs/Symmetrical Bathroom Mirrors

Who says you can only have one bathroom mirror over the sink? Whether as a design choice or to provide separate mirrors in bathrooms with two sinks, you can put in multiple mirrors side by side.

symmetrical bathroom mirror

Install two square or rectangular mirrors to make up one large one. Or put in circular ones side by side to create practical wall art with your bathroom mirrors.

Medicine Cabinets

If you are pressed for space in your bathroom, a medicine cabinet mirror is an excellent bathroom mirror idea. The piece provides not only a mirror for completing tasks, but also opens into a storage space for medicines, beauty products, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and more.


Medicine cabinets can be purchased with a wooden frame in various colors, or you can opt for a simpler, frameless mirror.

Makeup Mirrors

For those who need a close up while getting ready, installing a wall-mounted makeup mirror on an arm is a handy addition to the bathroom.

bathroom makeup mirror

No more leaning over the sink to get a better look while shaving. You can simply pull the mirror towards you, and even flip for an even closer view. This is an especially helpful bathroom mirror idea for smaller spaces, as makeup mirrors can be easily folded away.

Can I Install My Own Bathroom Mirror?

If you are itching for a DIY project for your bathroom mirror, take into consideration your skill level as well as how cumbersome the mirror is. Frameless mirrors are hung with clips, while framed mirrors have brackets. Some also use mirror adhesive to keep it held to the wall.

Smaller, lighter mirrors can be quite easy to install with no need for a professional to come in. However, if you have a larger, heavier mirror, or one that has electrical components attached, you may need for a second pair of hands to avoid breaking the mirror or hanging it incorrectly. In this case, you may want to consider having a contractor do the work for you. Modernize has a network of bathroom professionals in your area who are ready to help you get that new bathroom mirror installed.

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