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7 Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Ah, the bathroom. It can be a place of Zen when you are enjoying a bubble bath, or a room of chaos in the morning as everyone is racing to brush their teeth and blow dry their hair all at the same time. Throw in the added challenge of having a small bathroom and it can become madness! But for a small bathroom remodel, there is no need to tear down walls to get what you want. We have plenty of tips to help make the process easier and maximize the space you already have. Check out these seven small bathroom remodel ideas that you can apply to any space.

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1. Determine Your Style

Before starting anything with your small bathroom remodel, identify what you want it to look like. For example, do you want a classic timeless look, or a unique modern look? Browse your favorite apps and websites to get inspiration for the project. Also look to other rooms of your home to find a bathroom style that meshes well with your current space. Doing this will help you identify color schemes, your design style, storage hacks, and your ultimate vision for your bathroom.

small bathroom remodel ideas

This information will also be helpful to your remodeling contractor or designer to have a vision of what you have in mind. Even if you are working on your small bathroom remodel as a DIY project, keeping these images on your phone will help you stay on track as you’re wandering the aisles of your favorite home improvement store.

2. Clear Out Clutter

Once you have a game plan for what your small bathroom is going to turn into, it’s time to clear the room out of everything in it!

Go through your shower bins, the storage under your sink, and remove any decorative pieces from the bathroom. You might be surprised how many duplicates you have, expired beauty products and medications, or items you do not even remember buying. As you go through all your things, donate or throw out whatever you do not want or need and organize whatever you have left. This will make your life easier – and more decluttered – when the finished product is complete. It will also make the small bathroom look much bigger with less clutter laying around.

3. Create Organization Systems

While you have all your items out of the bathroom, this can also an opportunity to find better ways to access and organize everything. In fact, being smart with storage is crucial for small bathroom remodels.

small bathroom storage

Think storage crates, toothbrush holders that will keep products off your sink counter, a lazy susan to help you access your things. You can also use baskets to corral your children’s toys into one place.

Buying these items from the same place and in the same color will not only look nicer on the eyes, but the matching will create a more cohesive look. If you are working with a very tight space, consider moving some items from your bathroom into a linen closet, such as your stash of extra toothbrushes, toothpaste and toilet paper. Don’t have a linen closet? Be sure to ask your bathroom remodeler if it is feasible to add one during the renovation.

4. Install Space-Saving Bathroom Items

As you look to small bathroom remodel ideas, look at installing furniture and items that not only looks beautiful but also provides you with space-saving storage solutions.

Consider a medicine cabinet rather than a large rectangular mirror. Also, consider a corner vanity to store your beauty products, as well as bathroom cabinets with lots of drawers. Not only can you keep things separated in your drawers, but you can assign drawers to specific family members so everyone knows exactly where their things are. Floating shelves and over-the-toilet shelves are also great ways to save space in the bathroom.

pedestal sink in small bathroom

When it comes to bathroom sinks, pedestal sinks are the best as space-saving solutions. Many homeowners with smaller bathrooms will opt for a pedestal sink, medicine cabinet mirror, and floating shelves with storage bins to save the most space during a small bathroom remodel.

5. Choose the Right Shower or Tub

For any bathroom remodel, a shower or bathtub can easily take up the majority of the space in the room. At the same time, these items are totally necessary and central to the bathroom!

When thinking through small bathroom remodel ideas, it’s important to choose a shower or bathtub that works best for your space. You want the shower or tub to be functional and suit your lifestyle, without overwhelming the room and leaving little space for your other everyday routines.

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The best option for small bathroom remodels is the shower and bathtub combo. This 2-for-1 bathroom addition will give you the functionality of both a shower and tub, without taking up too much room. Add a sliding glass shower door for even more space-savings.

shower in small bathroom

If you do not need the tub – maybe you do not have children who take baths or you simply do not see yourself taking a bath – you can opt for an economical freestanding shower instead. Check out a beautiful, modern frameless shower or classic semi-frameless shower for starters.

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6. Less is More

As tempting as it may be to hang loads of art or install a Pinterest-worthy wooden towel rack, it is best to keep things simple when working with a small bathroom remodel. When a small bathroom contains too many items, it won’t take long for it to get messy and cluttered, not to mention feel closed-in. Your bathroom will look much larger when you stick to small, minimalistic components.

7. Invest in a Professional’s Help

When it comes to a small bathroom remodel, there are certainly things that can be left to DIY. But for the most part, remodeling projects are best left to the professionals. Whether you want to hire a professional organizer to help maximize your storage space or hire a contractor to remodel your bathroom, do not be afraid to reach out to the pros. They can walk you through payment and financing options, as well as provide you with the best small bathroom remodel ideas that fit your space. Trustworthy professionals will make sure you do not go over budget, too.

To get started planning your small bathroom remodel project, use the interactive Modernize Bathroom Cost Calculator to choose items that fit your space, vision, and budget.

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