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The Best Bathroom Storage Ideas for Bathrooms of All Sizes

Homeowners often feel as though there’s never enough bathroom storage space. We constantly look for solutions that give us more space for the variety of items we need in the bathroom – from towels to an extra supply of toilet paper rolls.

Fortunately, there are plenty of bathroom storage solutions. Some homeowners may opt for DIY-friendly small bathroom storage ideas – such as using bins, baskets and shelves to add extra space. Others will require more permanent, built-in storage, involving full bathroom remodel with new cabinets and fixtures.

Here are the best bathroom storage ideas for rooms of all shapes and sizes. We provide ideas for small bathrooms, mid-size, and large bathrooms alike.

Table of Contents

Quick and Easy Bathroom Storage Ideas

If you are just starting to think about bathroom storage ideas, start with quick and easy solutions. Many of these options are DIY friendly and will give you a place to keep all your things, while still allowing you to make adjustments and play around with the space. This can be quite helpful if you are thinking about doing a fuller bathroom remodel eventually, but haven’t yet decided on permanent bathroom storage ideas. These solutions are also great for small bathroom storage, where large built-in storage areas may not be possible.

Here are some great options for temporary and DIY bathroom storage – for both small bathrooms and bathrooms of all sizes.

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

  • Shelves of all kinds. Rolling shelving units come in all shapes and sizes. Make life easier by opting for one with wheels, for easier cleaning and repositioning. It doesn’t have to be a unit designed for the bathroom – you might be able to repurpose a rolling unit from elsewhere in your home. You can also find affordable floating shelves, which are easy to install DIY on any available wall.


  • Over-the-toilet shelves or ladders. The space above the toilet is great for storage but often goes to waste, especially in small bathrooms. Remedy that problem with a shelving unit that goes over the toilet. For more visual interest, opt for a ladder-style shelving unit.


  • Bins and baskets. Containers like bins and baskets of all shapes and sizes can look great while keeping even the smallest items organized. 


  • Over the door organizers. These can take the form of a simple organizer filled with pouches and loops at the top to hold it on the door. They can also be more elaborate, with tiny shelves and cubbies that close up with a snap. Which one you choose depends on aesthetics and size of the space.

Organization Ideas for All Bathrooms

  • Use a curtain under the sink. If the area under your sink is open, it’s a great place for storage – but tucking so many things under there can be unsightly. Hide those bins and baskets of cleaning supplies and more by simply attaching a skirt or curtain to the sides of the sink. Double-sided tape can often work just fine for a quick fix.
  • Bookshelves or cubbies. Remember, bathroom storage doesn’t have to be something that was originally designed for bathrooms. Cubbies, such as those you might use in a mudroom, or bookshelves that you’d find in any other room of the house can work just fine for creating shelves and extra bathroom storage space.


  • Bathtub and shower caddy. In the shower, a caddy over the showerhead, or one that attaches to the wall, can provide space for bottles and scrubbers. A caddy that stretches elegantly across the bathtub can handle everything from candles to kids’ toys.
  • Hooks galore. Keep towels handy and robes at the ready with hooks in various spots in the bathroom. You can even use them near the vanity to help corral everyday items hung up in small, flat baskets.

Permanent Bathroom Storage Solutions

Live with those simple storage solutions for a while. How does it feel? If you find that you need more space, a different aesthetic, a spa-like feel, or something more unique, you can always go with more permanent options. Here are a few permanent bathroom storage ideas to consider:

  • A free-standing armoire. This option adds a lot of visual interest and a whimsical touch to even the smallest bathrooms. Measure the space carefully and look for an armoire that reaches almost to the ceiling. Furniture with flat tops also allow you to place baskets overhead.


  • Recessed nooks. Little shelves that are built into walls or showers can be a great place to store smaller items without taking up precious floor space for small bathroom storage.
  • Mirrored medicine cabinet. A medicine cabinet on the wall can serve well as your vanity mirror while providing shallow storage space at the same time. Look for one that you can install yourself in the same footprint as your existing mirror. If you have the space, opt for a full-length mirror that opens up to numerous shelves inside.


  • Under the ceiling shelving. Want to find more unused space? Look up. The space within a foot or so of the ceiling is almost always empty. Install a few shelves up there with very sturdy supports, and use that area to hold things you rarely use. This can be a great storage area for baskets filled with boxes of Q-tips or extra hand towels for guests.

Bathroom Cabinets and Other Built-in Storage

After trying out a variety of DIY options for bathroom storage, you may decide that none of it really works for you. Maybe it does not have the aesthetic you want, or it simply does not provide enough of what you need. In this case, it’s time to call a contractor to install a built-in storage solution, such as custom storage cabinets.

What are your options for going all out on bathroom storage? Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Recessed medicine cabinet and shelving. If floor space is lacking, never fear – that’s when recessed shelves and cabinets can come in handy. A bathroom contractor can open up the wall to just the right size and slip in a deep medicine cabinet, or create shelves that sink into the wall. They take up no extra space and have the bonus of serving as an attractive focal point.


  • Create a built-in bench. For hidden bathroom storage, nothing beats the attractive bench you might find under a window or tucked into a corner. Think of a bench you’d find in a child’s room, where they can lounge with books as the afternoon sun streams into their room. Though it takes a larger bathroom to make this happen, it can provide all the extra storage you’ll ever need – and you get a nice seating area, too.
  • Pull-out cabinets. Many bathrooms, oddly enough, contain an entire empty wall. How often have you wondered what you could do with that extra space? Ask a contractor to create a sliding storage rack that fits right into the open space inside that wall.

  • New cabinetry. If you are in the market for a complete remodel, opt for bathroom cabinets that reach from the floor to ceiling. Consider a wall-to-wall vanity that offers deep storage space underneath and plenty of counter space on top. If you can add in recessed shelving, even better. Remember, new cabinetry means truly customized solutions, so think long and hard about what you need in your bathroom storage for the long-term.

Ready to get started on adding bathroom storage? Modernize can help. We connect you with local contractors who can give you great storage ideas and help turn them into reality. Get in touch today to get moving on a newly designed and renovated space with all the storage you need.


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