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How to Remodel a Small Bathroom on a Budget

When you have a tiny bathroom, the bad news is… well, it’s tiny. But the good news is that a small bathroom remodel on a budget is totally possible, and can transform the space into something delightful. No matter your design style, there is a solution that will make even the smallest bathroom look bigger and charming.

To begin your journey into small bathroom remodel ideas, start with what you know you have: your space and your budget. Measure the space carefully before you begin planning out any sort of remodel, as this will give you an idea of what you have to work with. (This is especially true if your remodel will include incorporating a shower into your half-bath.)

Then look at your budget. What can you realistically spend on your bathroom? Keep in mind that you can go cheap on some options but splurge on others, such as going with cheaper storage but a standout faucet, or go with clearance wallpaper while you sink the bulk of your money into an intricate vanity.

Then take a look at these small bathroom remodel ideas and begin sketching out your plans!

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Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas to Update the Look

Small vintage black and white bathroom

What is your goal for your small bathroom? If you want to modernize the space, these options are good ones to entertain:

Change the Look With Inexpensive Tile

Thin, lightweight tiles on the side of a bathtub can change that focal point from the same old thing to something delightful. Consider gently textured tiles or a unique color of grout to keep things visually interesting.

Add Some Major Artwork

Go with something big and bold. Scour antique stores, art and craft fairs, or even some of your favorite home décor stores to find a large piece of artwork for a serious statement in a small bathroom.

Go With Modern Colors or Wallpaper

A surprising color choice, such as a bright orange or vivid blue, can turn your bathroom into a show-piece. In addition to the many paint options out there, don’t forget wallpaper – look for eye-catching patterns that you normally wouldn’t find in a bathroom.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors have long been used as a way to make a small space feel much larger. Try finding a variety of small mirrors at vintage shops and group them together with a common theme, such as shape or color of the frame.

Change the Lighting

The worst thing that can happen to a small bathroom is puny lighting. You want to illuminate the space in a bold way. But that doesn’t have to mean one big overhead light. You can jazz it up with sconces on the wall, pendant lights in a row above the vanity, and of course, stick-on lights in the shower.

Consider the Little Things

Is that shower curtain boring? Replace it with something with more pizzazz. Do you like little hits of color? Go with delightfully bright-colored towels. Do you want something more luxurious? The fixtures in your bath and shower combo can lend an air of sophistication. 

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Tiny Bathroom Storage Solutions 

Small bathroom with floating shelves

Are you looking for small bathroom remodel on a budget ideas that bring your storage struggle to the fore? There are some simple ways to utilize your space to create more storage than you thought possible.

Try Floating Shelves

These shelves can fit almost anywhere, come in a wide variety of sizes, and can be painted to suit your décor. They are easy to install and provide a space for small items, pictures in frames, candles, and more.

Look Up

For the best storage in small spaces, go vertical. Look for tall, thin cabinets that can tuck into the space between the toilet and the wall, or choose an over-the-toilet storage unit with numerous shelves. And those floating shelves? Those can go higher up on the wall to hold a variety of light items, like extra toilet paper.

Go Inside the Wall

Like medicine cabinets of old, installing a cabinet into the wall between studs isn’t that difficult or expensive, and it provides even more storage space without sacrificing precious inches of your bathroom.

Decant Everything

Those products that are cluttering up the vanity will be much more streamlined if you decant them into matching bottles or small boxes. You can place the decanted products on the floating shelves or leave them on the vanity in a neat row.

Tuck Things Away in Baskets and Bins

What about all those products left over after decanting? How about those hair care tools or other items that you need every day but don’t want to see when they aren’t in use? Baskets and bins are attractive solutions that hide away the things you don’t want to see and help keep you organized. 

One Big Small Bathroom Remodel Splurge

Wallpaper in bathroom

Whether you’re remodeling for a more modern look, better storage, or both, remember that your bathroom needs a focal point. One dramatic piece can change the whole vibe of a room. What will your splurge be? Look at your budget and choose an amount you can spend on that splurge. Then, get creative so your small bathroom remodel on a budget can still have all the style you want without breaking the bank.

Upcycle a Vanity

Who says a vanity has to be something from a big-box store? Go against the grain by turning an old dresser or handsome bureau into a unique vanity that draws the eye. As a bonus, these types of upcycled vanities can include a great deal of storage space. A good contractor can help you install the unique vanity.

Make the Wallpaper Luxurious

Go with something with texture that screams uniqueness and luxury. A bold floral pattern and unique colors can make pouring a bit more money into this detail worth the expense.

Spring for a Massive Mirror

Though smaller mirrors can create a more modern look, dropping some extra cash on a truly massive mirror that reflects the entire room back at you is an excellent investment. Measure the room carefully and take measuring tape with you to vintage or home décor stores to find the ideal reflection.

Get Unique Flooring 

Something unusual underfoot gets attention. If you are handy, you can try the “penny floor,” in which pennies are set like tile and then varnished over for a delightfully unique look. Consider wood flooring with a unique grain or color. Or go with something else that delights you, such as a floor made of wine corks (which are then sealed, of course) or unique mosaic stick-on tile for a perfect DIY solution.

Remember the “Fifth Wall”

Look above your head! Extend the paint or wallpaper from the wall up to the ceiling to create a smooth line and more visual interest. If you are using overhead lighting, make that light a small yet impressive chandelier or other unique fixture.

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