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5 Ways to Add Functional Appeal to Your Kitchen Design

A kitchen is the heart of a home. It’s where we gather with our families and friends to do everything from cook and eat, to study, hang out, and socialize. Because this  multi-purpose space gets so much use day in and day out, it’s a room that should be not only functional, but stylish, too.

Even if you rent and can’t invest in a new set of cabinets, there are still many affordable ways you can add some practical charm to your kitchen.

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Invest in a Rolling Island

If your kitchen could do with more storage and countertop space, consider purchasing a rolling island. Rolling islands are counter-height carts with built-in shelves and a butcher block top. They allow you to store things you regularly use for cooking and baking, and they can be rolled off to the side of the room or into a closet when not in use—both practical and attractive, right?

Rolling kitchen island via Decoist

Rolling islands expand your counter space- via Decoist

Float Some Shelves

Even if you live in a city apartment, you can likely increase your storage with floating shelves. You need only minimal hardware to mount these, and they can open up your storage space while creating a more spacious looking kitchen at the same time. Use them to display dishes, hold spices, or to accommodate spice jars or baskets of things that you would ordinarily place inside drawers. Stack three or four shelves above one another for maximum effect.

Floating shelves via Martins Camisuli

Shelves add functionality and interest at the same time– via Martins Camisuli Architects

Put Up a Utensil Hanger

If your drawer storage space is a little short, consider putting up a utensil hanger on your backsplash. Hangers fasten to your wall at the corners with minimal hardware, and they allow you to use hooks to hang all your spoons, spatulas, knives, and other utensils, freeing up important drawer space and keeping everything right at hand.

Utensil Hanger via Renew Creations

Hanging your utensils frees up a lot of drawer space– via Renew Creations

Hang a Pot Rack

When space is at a premium, you don’t want to have a lot of pots and pans cluttering up your cabinets. Invest in an overhead pot hanger instead, and get them out in the open where they can become a part of your décor and not a part of your clutter.

Pot hangers via Tim Barber Ltd. Architecture

Pot hangers help open up space for more storage– via Tim Barber Ltd Architecture

Look Up for Storage

In many kitchens, there is unused storage potential. The space between your wall cabinets and your ceiling is the perfect place to put some baskets filled with canned goods, extra flatware, bags of potatoes, or anything else.

Baskets for storage via ApartmentTherapy

Using baskets for storage on your cabinets and shelves opens up a lot of space– via Better Homes and Gardens

Add Function and Form

Try these five tricks to increase the functionality in your kitchen and also get more enjoyment from the space where you and your family spend so much of your day.

This guest post was provided by RENTCafé apartments.

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