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Kitchen Resources

Everything you need to know to complete your Kitchen home improvement project.

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Understanding DIY Kitchen Remodels
Can Your Remodel Your Own Kitchen? A kitchen remodel can be an exciting opportunity to customize your space and make it a better fit your…
research and planning
The Step-by-Step Guide To Painting Kitchen Cabinets
Many homeowners dream of a complete kitchen remodel, but budgeting for a project of this scope is a different story! Luckily, there are…
research and planning
Beadboard Backsplashes
Sure, that antique kettle and lace curtain treatment add Victorian nuance, but if you really want to ratchet up the quaint factor in your…
maintenance and care
5 Ways to Add Functional Appeal to Your Kitchen Design
A kitchen is the heart of a home. It’s where we gather with our families and friends to do everything from cook and eat, to study,…
Add a Coffee or Beverage Station to your Kitchen
Coffee and beverage stations seem to be the latest kitchen trend, and for good reason. For many people, the day starts with coffee. Why…
research and planning
6 Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen on a Budget
The kitchen is well known as the heart of the home. And because of all that time spent in the same gathering spot, you want your kitchen to…
6 Sharp Ideas for Kitchen Knife Storage
Store your knives in style Safety should be a priority in any kitchen, and every kitchen has knives. Tossing a bunch of sharp objects into…
maintenance and care
20 Easy Ways to Modernize Your Outdated Kitchen
Is a full-on kitchen remodel out of the question? Not to worry—you can still give the busiest room in your home a makeover so it looks a…