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winter home Be Ready for Winter with These Home Winterization Tips
You know what it means when your social media feed is suddenly inundated with pictures of pumpkin spice lattes, cozy sweaters, fall home décor, and apple picking. Not only is it time to welcome autumn with open arms—it’s also the perfect time to start prepping for the cold weather ahead. Here are some must-read prep tips for winterizing your home this season. Continue Reading
new-york-closet-coat-rack 7 Gift-Worthy Storage Solutions to Organize Your Winter Gear
The twinkling lights, peppermint mochas, and nonstop rotation of “All I Want for Christmas Is You” on the radio can mean only one thing: the holidays are here. And if the holidays are here, so is winter. Pretty soon, you’ll need to have your puffiest coats, largest scarves, warmest gloves, and bulkiest boots on standby to deal with the elements. Continue Reading
Decorated christmas tree in the apartment, with santa bag under it Christmas Trees: Artificial, Fresh, or Living?
The holidays are in full swing now, and it’s time to answer that question that comes up every year: should you put up an artificial Christmas tree or a real one? How about one that is still living and can be replanted after the holidays? Here are the pros and cons to consider before you buy a holiday tree. Artificial Continue Reading
stained-glass-window Our Favorite Stained Glass Windows for Modern Homes
Stained glass is an art form that dates back thousands of years and can be found nearly everywhere, from Egyptian and Roman pottery to Medieval churches and mosques all over the world. While stained glass windows traditionally adorn religious buildings and other important establishments, contemporary artists like Frank Lloyd Wright have demonstrated that they can also be used in homes. We love the juxtaposition of historical and modern design Continue Reading
messy-desk Want a Paperless Home Office? Here’s How.
Extra paper wastes space, creates clutter, makes it hard to work efficiently, and can make working in your office unnecessarily stressful. Plus, using paper wastes all the resources that went into making it in the first place: trees, water, energy to manufacture and transport the paper, air quality affected by paper manufacturing. And don’t  forget, even if you recycle your Continue Reading
halloweendiybanner 10 Spooky Window Decorations to Get Your Home Ready for Halloween
Believe it or not, Halloween is almost here—the perfect time to dress up, embrace your inner werewolf, and get scared. We love this holiday because, in addition to finding costumes for yourself, you can also go wild with home decor.  Take your love for everything creepy to the next level this year with some seriously spooky windows. We’ve compiled this list of 10 Continue Reading
big-windows-with-trim-molding-and-stained-glass-transom Personalize Your Windows with Trim Molding
Truly polished decor mostly comes down to those tiny touches throughout your home. It’s that great accent lamp you got from an estate sale, the unique glass hardware installed on a set of drawers, or—best of all—beautiful trim molding on your windows. Trim molding adds intention to your interior design, elevating the overall impact of your windows. It makes them stand Continue Reading
applying-wallpaper How to Wallpaper
Wallpaper seems like a serious job compared to painting. But in reality, with careful planning, almost any novice DIYer is up to the task. A neat, tidy layout and level hanging are the key to professional-looking work, so preparing the space and learning how to align the paper properly will both serve you well. Here’s the best technique for getting Continue Reading
standard window sizes Black Window Trim
Black framed windows have emerged as one of my favorite newcomers in home trends and design. They’re elegant yet edgy. They add a bold definition to the existing architecture. Best of all, they make your windows really pop. Here are some examples of black window frames from several different house design styles. In every case they look amazing—just see for yourself! Interior Black Continue Reading
3D Printing Process Design 3D-Printed Home Goods As Lovely as They Are Futuristic
Have you ever scoured the shelves of your local IKEA searching for the perfect lamp shade to complement your living room’s design scheme? Or searched the far reaches of the internet for an accent vase that matches the image in your head? Welcome to the next era of home decor! With 3D-printers, almost anything you can imagine can be customized Continue Reading

Home Decor

Those lucky enough to own their home have the freedom to put nails in walls, paint, replace carpets with hardwood flooring, or tile without having to worry about violating a lease agreement or putting money into a project with no chance for a return on the investment. Like the saying goes, “Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.”

There are many reasons why a home remodel project is a great idea. If the home is a new purchase, remodeling means putting a personal touch on what had been someone else’s style choices. Remodeling a home is an opportunity to update the look after what may have been years of evolving trends and changes in individual decor preferences. Additionally, remodeling is an opportunity for growth and to modernize a home, which could not only increase resale value, but also make it safer and perhaps improve energy efficiency to reduce utility expenses. An update to things like appliances, fixtures, lighting, wiring, plumbing, or even a fresh paint color with some new decor can increase the value of a home — sometimes exponentially — and improve not just the quality of the home and property, but also the quality of life.

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