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Minimalist Bedroom-1 Minimalist Style 101
We’re all familiar with the old adage, “Less is more.” In the design world, nothing embodies this saying quite like minimalism, a style that attempts to strip a design down to its essential elements. Maybe you hear the word “minimalism” and immediately think of a cold, sterile, and uninviting space. We’re here to change that image—because minimalism isn’t about harsh Continue Reading
window treatments modernize.com 5 Window Treatment Ideas for your Home
When we designed and built our house around two years ago, I made sure that it had lots and lots of windows. Natural light was something I missed and craved while living in apartments for a long time, and I couldn’t wait to let the sunshine in! The trouble with windows, is that they don’t really look finished until you add Continue Reading
Robot wallpaper 2016 Kids’ Bedroom Trends
A child at play is a force of nature. That’s why, moreso than any other room in the home, a kid’s room should be able to withstand considerable wear and tear. And not only that—growing kids need rooms that fit their changing needs. Whether you’re decorating a nursery for your first baby, designing a kid’s room in a new home, Continue Reading
laundry-room-backsplash 12 Fresh Ideas for a Functional Laundry Room
Between the sorting, washing, drying, and folding, laundry can sometimes feel like a never ending task—so sprucing up this chore room isn’t at the top of the to-do list for most of us. But we spend hours there each week—and sometimes even more often—so why not make this space as enjoyable as possible by designing a laundry room you’ll actually actually Continue Reading
Paint Color Trends Home Painting Color Trends for 2016
Choosing the right color scheme for your latest home renovation can be a stressful and time consuming job. With so many choices, making a decision on something as important as paint is next to impossible. Luckily, we’ve put our ear to the ground and have found some of the hottest home painting color trends for 2016, including bold blacks, statement-making Continue Reading
Artisanal Lighting Fixture Make Your New Year Bright! A Look at 2016 Lighting Trends
Lighting is often referred to as the “jewelry of the home” since finishing your design with stylish fixtures can quickly transform its look. And although home design trends don’t go in and out as quickly as the latest fashion accessories, there are still some stand-out lighting styles that have gained recent popularity in today’s most designer-focused homes. Here’s our list of the top lighting trends Continue Reading
Page-HGTV-Joanna-ChipGaines-0115 7 Reasons Joanna and Chip Gaines Should Be Your New TV Crushes
The other night, I turned to my husband at dinner, just bursting to tell him the good news. I had done it—I had finally discovered a new TV show that we could both watch together. He would love it, I just knew it! I delivered my revelation over steak and mashed potatoes, happily regaling him the story of a ridiculously adorable Continue Reading
mudroom-bench 9 Essentials for a Functional Mudroom
The mudroom is a true workhorse. As a second entrance, it doesn’t get to enjoy the glory of the front entrance where you welcome guests. And yet it’s ready to take whatever you literally fling at it, from mud to snow, when you come in from the outdoors. Since the mudroom is the place to dump backpacks, kick off shoes, Continue Reading
CIL A Beginner’s Guide to Accent Walls
Looking for an easy way to add some drama to a room? Look no further than an accent wall. These eye-catching home design must-haves add visual energy and focus attention on the features of a room you most want to highlight. If you’d like to incorporate the pleasing punch of an accent wall in your home, here’s what you need Continue Reading
Gold print etsy Perfect Gold Accents For Your Holiday Decor
It’s here. That special time of year when we transform our homes with sparkling lights and a majestic tree, hang stockings, and begin prepping our family’s favorite baked goods. Every year I like to add a few new glimmers of Christmas to our stash of decorations. Sometimes it’s fresh lights, and other years it’s been a festive tablescape fit for Santa himself. Last Continue Reading

Home Decor

Those lucky enough to own their home have the freedom to put nails in walls, paint, replace carpets with hardwood flooring, or tile without having to worry about violating a lease agreement or putting money into a project with no chance for a return on the investment. Like the saying goes, “Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.”

There are many reasons why a home remodel project is a great idea. If the home is a new purchase, remodeling means putting a personal touch on what had been someone else’s style choices. Remodeling a home is an opportunity to update the look after what may have been years of evolving trends and changes in individual decor preferences. Additionally, remodeling is an opportunity for growth and to modernize a home, which could not only increase resale value, but also make it safer and perhaps improve energy efficiency to reduce utility expenses. An update to things like appliances, fixtures, lighting, wiring, plumbing, or even a fresh paint color with some new decor can increase the value of a home — sometimes exponentially — and improve not just the quality of the home and property, but also the quality of life.