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10 Ways to Decorate With Ornaments Other Than On Your Christmas Tree

Bah humbug! It’s Christmas and you’re stuck with the same old ratty decorations from the year before…and the year before that…and—well, you get the idea. The holidays are a time for tradition, but when that tradition includes propping up a ragged reindeer with only two legs and one antler, it’s time to start rethinking convention.

It is every ornament’s special wish that they will get to glitter anew this year, and thanks to some smart decorating ideas, you can grant your holiday baubles their deepest desire this holiday season—and finally put to rest the ghost of Christmas past.

Christmas House Exterior

Over the Mantel

Who says stockings are the only thing that can deck a mantel? We love the idea of draping ornaments at varying lengths over a mantel, shelf, or doorway. This idea doesn’t have half the pop without a pretty, shiny ribbon, so make sure to choose yours carefully!


Christmas Mantel Ornaments

via Home Depot


As a Table Setting

No one wants to sit down to a boring table—and a fun tablescape is great for filling out those gaps between the figgy pudding and your Christmas goose. A small spill of ornaments fits the bill perfectly—you could even write names on them and use them in place of table cards!

Christmas table decor

Ornament Tree

Looking to step back in time to when Christmas was a simpler affair? An old frame hung with aging ornaments adds a classic, Victorian note to your celebrations. It’s simple enough to make with some fabric, and it offers a muted note of relief from other brasher, modern decorations.

Christmas Victorian Ornaments

via Digs Digs

Ornament Garland

Some people love the holidays so much that they go a little overboard in the ornament department (guilty as charged!). Instead of overloading the tree to its breaking point, we like the idea of stringing those extras together into a beautiful, joyous garland. Looks great draped over the mantel! DIY tutorial is here.

Ornament Garland

via Brti+Co


Reuse Broken Ornaments

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, someone could be heard yelping in pain after stepping on an errant ornament. Sound familiar? While we can’t do much to help your poor foot, at least you’ll know those broken bits don’t have to go in the trash. Gather up all the pieces and crunch them up until they’re very small. Then, cover a pinecone with decoupage glue, and pile on the smashed pieces. Throw them in a bowl for a great centerpiece!

Broken Ornament Decor

via Shabbyfufu

Reuse Broken Ornaments, Part 2

Holiday memories need a home, and broken ornaments need a second life. We consider that some Christmas symbiosis! Those little shattered bits are a beautiful way to frame any seasonal keepsake—and, as a bonus, this one makes a great gift, too!

Christmas Decor Mosaic

via DIY Newlyweds

Ornament Topiary

Here’s a new twist on a Christmas ‘tree’: these joyful topiaries are a whimsical way to show off your favorite ornaments. We think they’ll do a great job keeping your days merry and bright! Find out how to make them here.

Ornament Topiary

via Better Homes and Gardens


Gift Tags

The perfect present requires the perfect wrapping. We just adore the idea of using those tiny globe ornaments as gift tag accoutrement, or even the felted rocking horse or gingerbread man (pictured below). With packages this pretty, it will be just a little less painful waiting until Christmas to open them!

Christmas Gift Tags

In a Candle Holder

The holidays are a wonderful time for the warm, welcoming glow of candlelight. Dress up a clear candle holder with a helping of ornaments stashed in the base—it will put a twinkle in your eye that will rival Old Saint Nick’s!

Christmas Ornament Vase

Ornament Mobile

Christmas trees are lovely—if you like sweeping up needles every day! Luckily, there’s a crafty and quirky solution that doesn’t involve any greenery. We’re talking about this handmade ornament tree mobile that offers an interesting minimalist take on Christmas decor we just love!

Christmas Ornament Tree

via Not Martha


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