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12 Fresh Ideas for a Functional Laundry Room

Between the sorting, washing, drying, and folding, laundry can sometimes feel like a never ending task—so sprucing up this chore room isn’t at the top of the to-do list for most of us. But we spend hours there each week—and sometimes even more often—so why not make this space as enjoyable as possible by designing a laundry room you’ll actually actually want to spend time in?

Say goodbye to your drab, dreary laundry room of yesterday and hello to your fresh and charming new sanctuary with these 12 helpful tricks. You might even find yourself creating excuses to do laundry.


Table of Contents

Splash zone

Take a cue from your kitchen and tile the wall behind your washer and dryer in a texture, color, or pattern that you love. A backsplash will protect the wall from errant drops of detergent or bleach while bringing the room to life with unexpected color and texture.

This laundry room also incorporates greenery and framed art—because there’s no reason why your laundry room can’t feel just as decorated as the rest of your home.


Think vertical

In a narrow laundry room, stacking the washing machine and dryer creates more room for a counter and small sink. Sticking to a simple black and white color scheme allows for playing with pattern without overwhelming the tight space.


Go bold

The laundry room is the perfect spot to play with color. This bright green laundry room feels modern and energetic. The understated floor and accessories keep things from tipping towards garish.


Seeing double

Big families make a lot of dirty laundry. If your laundry room has the square footage to spare, doubling (or tripling) up on washing machines creates your own personal laundromat. More machines make time spent doing laundry more effective. A large dining table stands in as a place to sort and fold (no more getting tangled up trying to fold a bottom sheet!). And regardless of how many people you live with, using clear glass jars to store powdered detergent and clothespins reduces visual clutter and gives your room a sophisticated, cohesive look.


via Coastal Style


A u-shaped counter creates an efficient work triangle in a small laundry room while still allowing for plenty of storage and counter space. Bright white cabinets, counters, and subway tile match the appliances and help the small area seem bigger than it is.


No laundry room? No problem.

Even if your home lacks a proper laundry room, you can still save yourself trips to the laundromat by carving out space for a washing machine and dryer. Stacking units have a smaller footprint and are an efficient use of space. Integrated into the kitchen cabinetry, this laundry closet makes it easy to transfer a load of laundry to the dryer, even when you’re in the middle of making dinner.


via Liz Marie

Cleverly concealed

If your laundry area isn’t so much as room as an alcove, we can’t blame you for not wanting to see your washing machine and dryer every single time you round the corner. But there’s a chic solution—a simple set of curtains on a tension rod will do the trick. Out of sight, out of mind!


Putting the fun in functional

Functional details, like pull-out drying racks, and whimsical details like clothespin-shaped drawer knobs, both have a place in a fun and functional laundry room. Another handy idea worth considering is using pull-out cabinets with laundry baskets, which makes it a snap to tuck away dirty laundry in the event of unexpected visitors.


via Jenna Sue Design

Hang to dry

If you’re short on space and a drying rack would just eat up too much real estate, improvise with a hanging rail. Installed on a scrap of reclaimed wood, it’s the perfect touch for a rustic laundry room, and it gives you a spot besides the shower curtain rod for hang drying delicate items.


Super suite

Incorporating the laundry room into the master suite is a growing trend. It’s pretty brilliant and definitely saves time and footsteps. Why haul dirty laundry across the house only to have to traipse back when it’s clean again? Cut out the middle man and do laundry right from your master bedroom closet. A master suite laundry room looks more luxe and less industrial with the help of dark, rich cabinetry under cabinet lighting and a plush rug.


Embrace the theme

The laundry room doesn’t have to be quite so literally decorated, but it’s fun to take the clothing theme and run with it. A collection of oversized safety pins hung on the wall adds visual interest in an otherwise streamlined room. Adding a TV in an angled corner cabinet provides entertainment while matching socks or scrubbing out stains.


via Decor Pad

Rustic elements

For laundry rooms located just off of a narrow hallway, a sliding barn door can be the perfect solution. Doing the laundry won’t interrupt the traffic patterns in a bustling house, and a brightly painted door introduces a pop of color in just the right amount.

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