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5 Living-Room Design Ideas for Renters

Living in a rental has undeniable perks. You’re free from the pesky responsibilities of plowing in the winter, mowing and lawn care in the summer, faulty appliances, icky plumbing issues, and more. One downside when renting, though, is that you might not be able to decorate the same way you would if you owned the property. But don’t feel frustrated if replacing carpeting or painting walls aren’t allowed in your rental! There are still plenty of ways you can use furniture, décor, and color to give the look and feel that is uniquely you, all while keeping your landlord happy.

Here are five examples of different styles and decorating ideas that can easily be incorporated into your living-room design—each exploring a different taste, while still maintaining the space’s functionality and comfort.

Table of Contents

Design Vibe: Calm and Serene

 Cozy living room via RENTCafe

Image via RENTCafe

This living room incorporates the feel of a waterfront retreat with calm blues and greens. If you want to invite that same peace and quiet into your home, start by bringing in a few natural elements: a wool area rug to add texture, color, and warmth to the room; a beautiful painting or wall decal mimicking the waves of the ocean; and lots of greenery, which makes a space vibrate with positive energy.

Design Vibe: Bold and Classic

Cottage-style living room via Decoist

Image via Decoist

Perfect for open layouts, this décor style will make those of a conservative disposition feel right at ease. But when striving to achieve this look, you don’t need to hold back on using bold colors. Invigorate a classic white living room with sparkling pops of yellow and soothing navy blue accents.

Design Vibe: Simple, Comfortable, and Retro

Minimalist Decor via decor-interior-designs

Image via Decor-Interior-Designs

If one of your guiding principles in life is less is more, you will definitely love this living room. Blending comfort and a simple style, the space exudes serenity and balance—nothing in the room is too masculine or feminine. The large window brings in a lot of light, so adding the patterned carpet helps keep the room from feeling too large or cold. To make it feel even more inviting, you could add a reclaimed wood coffee table, a colorful throw, and a few health-inspiring plants.

Design Vibe: Condo Chic

Cozy reading nook in modern living room via RENTCafe

Image via RENTCafe

What happens when classy interiors meet large, unobstructed windows with amazing views? A gorgeous, modern abode, that’s what! Complement well-lighted living rooms with quirky decorations (see pictured towel bar turned into chic magazine rack), wooden cabinetry, and colorful accent pieces. Add an interesting and unusual lamp next to a comfy lounger and your reading nook is complete!

Design Vibe: Cheerful Colors

cheerful colors

Image via Deborah French Designs

Feeling more daring? Try combining colors, shapes, and fabrics, and then add some inspiring art and oriental décor pieces to the mix—you might find yourself living in a delightful bohemian atmosphere.

Even when decorating a rental apartment, there are plenty of options to suit any style and room layout; from the small to the large, from the colorful to the classic. Your creativity and a little inspiration is all it takes.

This guest post was provided by Rent Cafe.

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