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4 Small Decorating Changes That Make a Big Impact

Do you feel stuck when it comes to decorating your home? Want to change things up with a fresh new look but don’t have the budget for your dream kitchen renovation or that stunning farmhouse dining table? Or maybe you’re renting, and therefore limited in what changes you’re allowed to make to a space. Here are four easy ways to mix up your decor and spruce up your space.

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Update your throw pillows.

Throw pillows add color, texture, and polish to a living room or bedroom, and there are endless ways to mix and match them. If your furniture and other decor are more neutral shades, adding colorful throw pillows can change the entire color scheme of your room.

pillowsThe best part about throw pillows is that changing them up doesn’t require purchasing a full set of new pillows. You can buy slip covers for pillows you already own—or for a fun and frugal DIY project, find easy tutorials for making pillow covers out of curtains, sheets, or tablecloths you already have on hand.

via Caitlin Wilson

via Caitlin Wilson

Throw pillows aren’t just for couches anymore. You can use them to spruce up an entryway, conservatory, or even a garden bench—which also makes these often overlooked sitting spots homey and welcoming. Choose from an infinite variety of solids, prints, metallics, numbers, quotes, buttons, ruffles, and ribbons to create a completely new look for any style or color scheme.

via Better Homes and Gardens

via Better Homes and Gardens

Let there be light.

Lighting can change the entire look of a room. While you may not be willing or able to install recess lighting or cut out a skylight, lamps are a great way to bring some softer light to a room while also adding an element of style.

Apartment therapy

via Apartment Therapy

A pair of table lamps can add sophistication to a simple entryway.


via The White Lighthouse Furniture Co

Lamps with glass bases are infinitely customizable to the rest of your décor or even to change out seasonally.

via The Inspired Room

via The Inspired Room

Even if you have a room that already has enough lighting, simply changing out the lampshade can introduce a new shape or pattern to a room in seconds.

via Apartment Therapy

via Apartment Therapy

Hang curtains.

Curtains can quickly change the entire look of a room by adding fun colors and patterns that accentuate the room’s natural lighting.

curtaorangeIf windows are your main source of light, accentuate them using sheer, billowy curtains in light colors to invite more light into your space.

via Drab to Fab Design

via Drab to Fab Design

Curtains can also make a small room look bigger. The best rule of thumb with curtains is to always hang them higher and wider than your window to create the illusion of a larger space.

If you have a small window, extend your curtain rod out about a foot on either side of the frame. When your curtain panels hang on either side of the windows it will create the illusion that there is a larger window behind them.If you have low ceilings, hang your curtains up higher above the windows instead of just above the frame. This will create the illusion of a higher ceiling. Just make sure you use curtains that are long enough to reach the floor!

curtainsCreate an accent wall.

A fresh coat of paint is a sure-fire way to give a room a makeover, but maybe you don’t have the time, money, or energy for a completely new paint job. This is what makes accent walls so great. An accent wall can add a striking pop of color that transforms the look of a room for as little as $30 and a couple of hours work.

House Beautiful

via House Beautiful

The simplest way to do this is with paint or even wallpaper. You can choose a solid color that stands out in a more neutral space, or go for an interesting pattern while sticking to a more subtle color scheme. Plus, there are plenty of removable wallpaper options online for renters who aren’t allowed to use the real thing.

via Live Love DIY

via Live Love DIY

Chalk White Arrow

via Chalk White Arrow

Since an accent wall is just one small part of the room, it requires a relatively low level of commitment. You can easily change it back to match the other walls or redo it periodically for a fresh look.

We hope you feel inspired by these ideas for relatively easy and inexpensive ways to revitalize your space. Happy decorating!

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