Quick: what’s one of the most important elements of good bedroom design? If you didn’t shout “Windows!” right away, you’re not alone, but think about it. The quality of your sleep depends on being ambient light and noise levels, and well-designed window treatments help you adjust the room to your needs. They also allow for another layer of texture to make your overall design stand out. Here are some of our favorite window treatments for creating a restful retreat in your bedroom.

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Floor-to-ceiling style

wood paneling

These long, translucent curtains in medium gray go a long way to dim the light from the bedroom window, and the double layer of panels block the sun for napping or let in a bit more daylight on a cloudy day. The floor-to-ceiling length turns a small window into a standout by drawing the eye upwards and making the window seem much taller than it really is.

Modern plantation shutters

plantation shutters

Sleek, modern lines deserve a simple yet elegant window treatment. Not every bedroom needs more fabric: there’s plenty on the bed, after all. To keep the lines strong and uncluttered, consider the bold look of wooden plantation shutters. The wide wooden slats and pale, painted finish keep these fresh and contemporary. Close the slats for near-total light blocking at night, open them a bit for accent lighting, or open the shutter entirely to let the sunshine in.

Add a popping pattern

mod curtains

If you’ve opted for solid-colored bed linens, you can safely add a bold pattern to your windows. We love the way this one plays off the plum of the blankets and pillows but also add the lime green accent to the mix. The pattern here becomes the focal point of the room, and turns the window into an additional work of art. Note also the sheer panel beneath for flexibility in controlling the level of light. The heavier patterned panel will not only block light, but they’ll also muffle street sounds when closed.

Highlight a great view

yellow wall in bedroom

If you love the view from your windows, there’s no rule that says you have to cover them up! It your windows are a major architectural feature of your house, feel free to leave them unadorned to enjoy their structure. Windows with less inherent character can still be made a focal point with paint: we love the way this accent wall functions like a yellow window treatment without using any curtains at all.

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