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DIY Backyard Grilling Area

So you’ve become an expert on what it takes to build a deck and you’re ready to take your outdoor space to the next level in time for the season of backyard barbecues by creating a DIY backyard grilling area. While your award-winning spice rub and beautifully marbled steaks will get you far, give guests something to remember—and increase your home’s value—with a killer backyard grilling area.

Table of Contents

The base

backyard deck

Obviously you need a place to grill and for your guests to relax. Start planning your space with a deck or patio that’s perfect for your backyard. Make sure there’s room to make food and for guests to sit and enjoy eating! Be creative and don’t be afraid to build outside the norm—you’ll spend more time in an outdoor space you love. Play around with different materials, designs, and functionality to create a space that’s unique to you.

We love how the deck above has two levels, and how there’s a bench built in just below the railing on the lower level. Large throw pillows covered in outdoor-safe fabric are great for guests to sit on around the firepit.


backyard deck with fire pit

Making sure everyone has a place to relax is often the most overlooked factor in an outdoor living area. You don’t want people pulling your nice dining room chairs outside, or wandering indoors just for the couch, so make sure you offer enough seating.

Capitalize on comfy sofas and sectionals, sleek stools around an outdoor bar, or even seats made by throwing cushions on stairs. As long as there’s someplace to sit and relax, you can’t go wrong.

Hot off the grill

outdoor patio lighting

Design a deck or patio around your grilling area to keep the food as close as possible to the party. Tease visitors with the smells of dinner as they sit around chatting. Make the process of getting a plate super simple as everyone is in reach from the grill. As a bonus, keep the grill open after dinner to warm up a chilly evening or make seconds in a snap.

Make the most of the space

outdoor kitchen

With the grill nearby, a great place to sit, and a fantastic deck or patio, friends and family will be begging to come to your place for dinner. Remember to keep seating in a conversational arrangement (circles work best), keep your patio or deck clean, and grill dinner whenever possible to make the most use of your space.

If you don’t feel like cooking, read a book or share some drinks to use your fabulous outdoor space without having to fire up the grill. After all, enjoying the outdoors is what the season’s all about.

What are you planning to do in your backyard to make it the ultimate grilling spot? Tell us in the comments.

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