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10 Ideas for Decorating Your 3-Season Room

Is your three-season room a three-star experience? Give it a bit more pizzazz with these 10 ideas.

3 season sunroom

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Add some color

Most three-season rooms are built in the same neutral whites and browns as the rest of the house. Shake things up by painting the walls an electric blue or a cozy yellow. You can also experiment with wallpaper if you want a new look without the permanence of paint.

Let there be light

Don’t shy away from natural sunlight in your three-season room. Think about glass doors, transom windows, and skylights that will allow you to track the progress of the sun throughout the day.

Decorate the windows

If the sunlight is too strong, ghost glass can mute its glare into a soft, comfortable glow. You can also decorate your windows with stencils, glass wax, and even glow-in-the-dark stars for the kids.

Use multipurpose furniture

When you don’t have a lot of space, you’ll want to use every inch in a productive way. Create seats out of storage trunks, buy couches with built-in bookcases, and invest in cabinets that fold back into the wall.

Get rid of sharp edges

If you’re looking to create a comfortable retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the main house, it’s important that your room isn’t filled with things that snag. Throw cushions on every piece of furniture and invest in billowing drapes for your windows.

Say no to drafts

While three-season rooms don’t need the same level of protection as four-season rooms, adding some decorative insulation can help you enjoy it until the very last days of autumn. Look into things like polyurethane panels and cork ceiling covers.

Create wall space

If you have too many windows and not enough wall space, co-opt the former to become the latter. There are special adhesives you can buy that will attach paintings, shelves, and counters to glass surfaces without damaging them.

Give yourself a second story

If you love nighttime stargazing but lack a comfortable place to do it, consider hiring a contractor and adding a spiral staircase to your three-season room. It can take you right up to the roof to marvel at the Milky Way.

Bring in the outdoors

Instead of letting your room sit on the outskirts of nature, bring some of its beauty inside. Hang plants from the ceiling, put vases on the tables, and start a mini-garden in the corner.

Pick a texture

Many three-season rooms are haphazard collections of art and furniture, but they look a lot better when there’s a definitive theme to the interior decor. For example, a country look will have nothing but wood and wicker, and a contemporary look will be sleek and covered in chrome. The possibilities are endless with enough imagination!

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