Window Ideas and Information for Homeowners

a small stained glass window with green and purple sections How to Choose a Stained Glass Window that Perfectly Accents Your Home
A medieval castle. An ornate British monastery. A quaint country chapel. Stained glass stirs up evocative visions of traditional, decorative spaces from the past. But the word on the street is that stained glass is about to make a major comeback—and not just for churches. With a wide variety of modern glass pieces available, you can even use stained glass Continue Reading
mackinac research Polymer Window Panes Could Be the Newest Way to Upgrade Your Windows
A small window firm in Mackinac Island, Michigan, is aiming to revolutionize windows in homes all across America. Construction professionals have long known that windows were a weak point in a building’s outer envelope. While a tightly constructed, insulated wall can achieve R-values over 50, even the most efficient modern windows top out at around 4-R. According to the Department Continue Reading
Modern Living Room Design a Glass Curtain Wall That’s Beautiful and Energy Efficient
People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones—but they shouldn’t have to suffer through high energy expenses either! Rising interest in large glass installations is changing the way architects, builders, and homeowners think about walls and windows. The trend right now in homebuilding is toward more glass: large picture windows, sliding or folding glass doors, and curtain walls are Continue Reading
Open plan home with glass doors How Much Does It Cost to Convert a Window to a French Glass Door?
Glass half full? More like half full of glass! Modern homes are trending toward open, airy rooms and living areas, so the more glass surfaces and window square footage you can fit into a space, the better! For many homeowners that means extending existing window openings for larger ones: converting two side-by-side single hung windows into one large picture window, Continue Reading
mold-on-windowsill When Does a Window Need to Be Flashed?
Wood rot, mold, structural damage, and insect infestations—there’s nothing pretty about water seeping into the cracks and seams of your home. Unfortunately, a poorly installed window that lacks proper flashing can be a gateway to these unpleasant phenomena. Flashing is an essential component of proper window installation. It catches rain that is blown at an angle onto your home. Siding Continue Reading
Sheets of Tempered Window Glass Argon, Krypton, and Xenon—What’s the Best Gas-Insulated Window?
You thought krypton was Superman’s home planet, right? We did, too—until we realized it’s also an inert noble gas that can be used to insulate the glass panels in double and triple pane windows. Window makers regularly use argon, krypton, and xenon to turn ordinary glazing into draft-defying superglass. It may not be as cool as reversing the orbit of Continue Reading
long line of wood windows What Is the AAMA Gold Label for Windows and Why Does It Matter?
If you know anything about windows, you know that not all products are created equal. Just because a window fits your home’s style doesn’t mean that it necessarily carries the best reputation for durability and energy performance. The AAMA Gold Label is sort of like a shortcut to identify high-performing, quality products. In order to be assigned this certification, a Continue Reading
green mobile home Replacing Windows in a Mobile Home: How Does It Work and How Much Does It Cost?
If you’re the owner of a mobile home, chances are, you’re already a pretty smart cookie. Modern manufactured homes have come a long way since the old-fashioned double-wide, and they now offer many of the same luxuries as traditional buildings—for a greatly reduced price. Still, replacing parts like windows in a mobile home is an entirely different animal from installations Continue Reading
green contemporary living room Pantone Released Their 2017 Color of the Year and It’s Perfect for Your Green Home
Each year the color gods at Pantone release their color of the year and, in one fell swoop, collectively dictate our chromatic futures for the next twelve months. This year, the color is Greenery, a bright, green tone that captures the hues of a lush field of grass during the first rites of spring. Pantone describes it as “nature’s neutral,” a Continue Reading
older double hung window How to Fix Glass Without Replacing the Entire Window
As nice as it is to buy new windows, sometimes it just doesn’t make sense—especially if you’re just dealing with a broken pane of glass in a single frame. With the average double pane window running around $300 installed, it’s much more cost-effective to replace a broken pane instead of replacing windows—especially if you’re willing to do some of the work Continue Reading

Replace Your Windows or Install New Windows

Few home remodeling projects can pack as big of a punch as new windows. Aesthetically, a home is transformed by sleek, clear windows. And then there are the other benefits: energy savings thanks to a Low-e coating and tight seals, noise reduction, less cleaning and maintenance, and just an overall better, clearer view. While the upfront costs can be high, homeowners will get that initial investment back eventually through savings on energy bills. Get inspired with our window design ideas.

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