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Declutter with these Home Office Storage Ideas

Your home office can be a more pleasant and functional place to spend time in if it’s attractively decorated, organized, and void of clutter. Having a sufficient amount of storage is one of the best ways to maintain order and avoid clutter. Of course, it’s up to you to develop good organizational skills and to utilize the storage items effectively in order to achieve an attractive and efficient office space. Read on for some of our favorite home office storage ideas.

Nice home office

This modern, minimalist home office includes a simple desk with plenty of storage. We like the under-cabinet lighting and fun rug.

Table of Contents

Office desk

Choosing a desk that offers a good amount of storage is a great way to keep workspace essentials close at hand. The size of your office is a key consideration when you’re selecting a desk. The type of decor you want is a secondary factor. Regardless of what style of desk you select, it’s important to consider how much storage space it offers you. Adding drawer organizers and desk top organizers will help maximize the amount of storage space in and on your desk.

File cabinets

For years, steel file cabinets have been a basic essential in an office. While those are functional, they’re not the most attractive piece of office furniture. You can find some very attractive wood file cabinets in a variety of finish options that will enhance the beauty of your office as well as provide storage space. Rolling file cabinets might be a storage idea you’d want to consider for your office. A corner file cabinet is a great way to utilize an area that could otherwise be wasted space.


Adding as much shelving or as many bookcases as possible to your home office design will greatly increase your storage space. You can put small items in decorative boxes, bins, or baskets and store them on the shelves. Keeping small things in a container of some type will prevent them from looking like clutter on the shelf.

Rolling carts

Rolling carts are available in an extensive variety of drawer sizes and depths. Take some time to find one or more of these carts that have the size, depth, and drawer configuration that works best for your storage needs.

Stacking crates

Stacking crates are an inexpensive, versatile, and portable form of office storage. A couple of these crates filled with colorful file folders can actually become an artistic part of your office design. You might even want to select colored crates to enliven your office decor.

Storage furniture

A popular home decorating tip suggests that you incorporate storage furniture into your living room or bedroom to gain extra storage space. That same idea can work for your home office design. A bench seat with storage can be an attractive addition to a home office. A comfortable chair with a storage ottoman would be an excellent addition to your home office. You deserve to have a restful place to take a break from work from time to time.

To keep your home office organized and attractive, you’ll probably need to incorporate a variety of storage ideas into the design. There are numerous office storage products that provide solutions to storage dilemmas. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding storage items that will complement whatever type of office decor you’ve chosen.

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