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Making Your Home a Welcoming Space

Have you ever visited a home that was so beautifully decorated that you were afraid to sit down? How about a home that felt so still you felt like you could never completely relax? Most of us want our homes to be welcoming as well as beautiful, but that balance can be difficult to achieve.

But your home should be a haven, a place to relax and rest, where you can curl up with a good book and a cup of tea at the end of the day. And you also want your guests to feel at home, too, whether enjoying a home-cooked dinner in your kitchen or watching a football game on the couch. Here are some easy ways to make your home the kind of place that seems to say “Sit down, get comfortable, and stay for a while…”

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Use Bright, Warm Colors

Dark colors and heavy fabrics can make a space feel stuffy and uncomfortable, whereas bright, warm colors naturally make people feel more relaxed and comfortable. Invite light into your space using bright colors and soft or natural lighting.


Choose Comfortable Furniture

Of course, choosing your furniture has a lot to do with the aesthetics, but if you want your home to feel cozy and welcoming, choose pieces that are comfortable as well as stylish. In general, oversized furniture, pieces with plush, soft fabrics, and pieces with more curve to their shape give off a cozier and more comfortable vibe than ultra-modern styles with their sharp lines and harsh angles.


Fill Your Home With Good Smells

Nothing feels homier than walking into a house full of good smells. Candles, wallflowers, room sprays, and diffusers come in so many fragrances that you can easily make your house smell like an English garden or freshly baked cookies in minutes.

via Beautystat

via Beautystat

Incorporate Soft Things

This might seem like a strange one, but having soft, touchable textures in your home can make people relax and feel at home. Velvet and cashmere throw blankets and pillows are a great way to offset structured furniture and shiny surfaces. Choose plush rugs and fluffy ottomans that make your guests feel like settling in and staying awhile.


Arrange the Furniture Thoughtfully

Sometimes a space can feel inviting simply because it’s arranged in a way that encourages people to sit together and relax into conversations. Arrange sofas and chairs to face one another so that a group of people sitting on your furniture could easily interact. Avoid arranging things in a way that creates tight spaces that guests might have to squeeze through to get to their chair.


Add Plants

Greenery has a calming effect on many people. Adding plants to your home can add a sense of brightness, life, and energy that is homey and inviting. And there’s just something about the varied placement of them (pictured below): hanging in a high corner, nestled behind a favorite reading chair, and fanning proudly from a coffee table that feels instantly rejuvenating.


Combine Quirky and Composed

Purchasing your all of your furniture from a showroom floor will result in a beautiful home, but it will also be a home that looks like a showroom floor. Combining some casual, quirky elements with more classic furniture will help your home feel more authentic and welcoming.


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