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Most Amazing Home Libraries

When you picture your dream home, you may think of an eco-friendly haven in the woods with ample natural sunlight, or an urban flat that’s always up for entertaining. But if you’re a book-lover, your coveted dream home feature is most likely a personal library—a fantastical or cultural haven where you can bury yourself in knowledge and stories.

But beautiful libraries aren’t just for dream homes. Check out these inspirational nooks, bookshelves, and studies to get ideas for your own home library—even if the space you can spare for books is no bigger than a closet.


Table of Contents

Cozy Reading Nook

While this book nook is absolutely dreamy, you don’t need an entire alcove to have a cozy reading space. If you’re lucky enough to have seating space in front of a yard-facing window, this should be the first option. But you can easily renovate an under-used closet: clear it out, paint it, and install bookshelves and lights. Or simply clear out a corner of your bedroom or living room for a few bookshelves and a comfortable chair—because every reader needs a place to escape from the world.


Towering Built-In Bookcases

While this jaw-dropping library may be a little ambitious for most homes, the use of vertical space is a good takeaway. When your square footage is limited (or you have too many books), consider installing floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Not only is this a storage solution, it’s a way to make the room appear to be more spacious. And it takes care of the decorating for you!

Again, not every home has the space for a sprawling, Beauty and the Beast library. But it’s fun to get creative, and there are few areas of the home with as much book-storing potential as the stairway. Store your books alongside the stairs, behind them, and underneath each step in a pull-out drawer. The biggest advantage to this design tactic is that the books don’t take up any space in your home.

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Kids’ Corner

If you have little ones that you want to turn into big readers, stimulate their interest with a fun mini-library. Cover it with a canopy or close it off with a curtain to make the kids feel like they’re escaping to another world when they read.


Sophisticated Study

Cushy, informal nooks may not be everyone’s style. If your decor style leans toward dark wood and rich jewel tones, you may be more inspired by the idea of a formal library in the home. This library gets an old world feel from its floor-to-ceiling bookcases and antique style furnishings. To create a sophisticated salon look of your own, consider adding a gallery wall or a bar cart.


Literary Living Room

Whether you organize them by color, mix them with eclectic artifacts and artwork, or place them on a coffee table, books make a unique and personalized display. Bring your books into your everyday life and show them off for guests by making them a part of your living room. Whether you want to do something classic and clean or nature-inspired and eclectic, books can be an essential part of creating that look.

How have you created your own dream home library? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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