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Best Tech Gifts to Enhance Any Home

With the ever-growing internet-of-things and constant flow of emerging technologies, there are plenty of tech gifts on the market for every homeowner. Browse this list for some unique ideas that are sure to satisfy anyone on your shopping list.

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tech gifts

Best Gift for the Home Chef

Home chef

There’s no shortage of high-tech and smart devices to be found in the kitchen — from appliances like refrigerators and microwaves to gadgets like thermometers and the increasingly popular sous vide cookers. One of our favorite gadgets is the June oven

This countertop appliance can air-fry, grill, stone-fire, roast, dehydrate, convection bake, keep warm, toast, broil, reheat, and slow cook. While it boasts an intuitive touchscreen, it can also be controlled via your smartphone. That way, you can remote preheat, adjust the time and temperature, get smart alerts, watch your food via live video, and access hundreds of guided recipes.

Best Gift for Parents

Amazon Echo Dot

If there’s one thing a busy parent could use, it’s more hours in the day. While smart home technology can’t offer that (yet), an AI assistant such as a Google Nest Hub or Amazon Echo can help parents automate mundane tasks.

These devices can act on voice commands to set reminders and alerts, write shopping lists, make online purchases, announce the traffic and daily weather, play soothing music or white noise, and more. As a bonus, write in the card, “Next time you need the kids to be entertained for a couple minutes, ask this about the animal of the day.”

Are the parents on your gift list now enjoying being grandparents, too? There are several home improvements we recommend for seniors, and an AI assistant is one of them. You can even pair this with a smart lock or learning thermostat so they can control their home safety and climate with a voice command – they’re sure to appreciate the ease and sense of comfort.

Best Gift for Pet Lovers

Dog on couch

Don’t let a late day at the office or sleeping-in on the weekend disrupt your pet’s food schedule. The Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder lets you schedule up to 12 meals for your pet with flexible portions between 1/8 and 4 cups. The device can also be guided by Alexa to bypass the schedule or give your pet a treat. 

You’ll get notifications during feeding time and in the event there is a Wi-Fi disruption. Additionally, the device can automatically order food from Amazon when your supply is low.

Best Gift for the Home Office 

Home office desk

The morning coffee routine can look different for work-from-home employees, but that doesn’t mean it has to lose out on quality. The Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker might look like a traditional drip coffee maker at first glance, but it’s far from that. 

The coffee maker is ‘Works with Alexa’ certified, allowing you to use the Alexa app or Amazon Echo devices to begin brewing, set brew strength, program routines, and turn off the machine. The device also boasts front-fill reservoirs, meaning you won’t have to move it around to fill or risk spilling behind the maker. 

Best Gift for the Host/Hostess

BenQ Projector

Any room can easily turn into a home theater with the BenQ HT2050A projector. This projector produces a bright picture with realistic color accuracy and supports most media players, gaming consoles, PCs/Macs, and mobile devices.

With a shiftable lens, this device can be easily placed in either a permanent or temporary location to maximize its use around the home. And hey, maybe you’ll even be invited over to enjoy it!

Best Gift for the Fitness Lover

Home gym user

While stationary bikes are all the rage right now, they aren’t the only cutting-edge fitness tech on the market for at-home fitness. The Tempo Studio is a home gym investment with 100 pounds of free weights tucked neatly beneath its display screen.

Additionally, it features 3D form-tracking and rep-counting software, as well as on-demand and live classes. You’ll also have the options of a four-, nine-, or 13-piece setup, which includes a mix of weights, barbells, bench, and/or mat.

Best Gift for Plant Lovers

Woman with plants

Tech gifts for green thumbs? You’d be surprised just how many options are available. We love the Click And Grow Indoor Smart Garden, a compact garden system that can grow a variety of herbs, flowers, greens, and vegetables from the comfort of your kitchen—or any room in need of some added greenery.

The product uses biodegradable plant pods that the user simply pots and waters once—the smart garden takes care of the rest.

These tech gifts are sure to excite even the most tech-savvy members of your household.


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