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Roofing Resources

Everything you need to know to complete your Roofing home improvement project.

maintenance and care
Detecting Signs of Roof Hail Damage
The roof is one of the key areas that keep your home or business safe and secure from the elements. When the roof is damaged by inclement…
maintenance and care
After the Storm: How to Detect and Repair Roof Damage
Your roof provides essential shelter from the outside world, protecting you and your most valuable belongings from the worst weather. Roofs…
maintenance and care
How to Tackle Ice Dams on Your Roof
Icicles on your roof may look quaint and charming, but unless your house is made out of gingerbread, they usually wind up doing a lot more…
research and planning
Is Snow Good or Bad for Your Roof?
It’s about that time of year when the snowbanks pile up and the whole world is covered in a blanket of white. While you’ve been bundled…
maintenance and care
How to Prevent Problems with Flat Roofs
If you’re the owner of a home with a flat roof, you know that they can offer some pretty serious benefits in terms of aesthetics and…
maintenance and care
How Much Snow Can Your Roof Handle?
Juno, Markus, and Neptune. If cold weather and snow is a part of your winter experience, you’ll recognize those as the names of…
maintenance and care
How to Weatherproof a Roof
Savvy homeowners know that top quality roofing keeps your home dry and prevents serious weather damage. But quality roofing only goes so…