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Roofing Resources

Everything you need to know to complete your Roofing home improvement project.

Solar Panels and Roof Replacement: Before the Installation Process
Before beginning a solar panel system installation, many steps are required to ensure your property is suitable and capable of supporting…
research and planning
Best Roof Shingles for Heat and Hot Climate
If you live in an area with soaring summer temperatures, it is important to consider the best roofing materials for your climate. The…
research and planning
6 Tips for Saving Energy at Home: Roofing
While energy-efficient appliances and daily energy-conserving practices are effective when it comes to saving money, there’s another way…
research and planning
Is a Flat Roof More Energy Efficient than a Pitched Roof?
Flip through the pages of an architectural design magazine, and you’re bound to see flat-roofed homes by the dozens. Flat or low-sloped…
research and planning
What Is a Cool Roof Coating and Is it Right for My Home?
If you live in an area with long cooling seasons and lots of hot days, your dark-colored shingles could be adding heat to your home’s…
research and planning
Green Roofs: Examples of Unique Eco-Friendly Roofs
Covering roofs with small plants is becoming increasingly popular, for energy, environmental and aesthetic reasons alike. Here’s an…
maintenance and care
Insulation for Attic: Everything You Need to Know
Heating a home isn’t cheap. But it’s even more expensive when you let that resource wastefully pump right out into the great…