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Siding Resources

Everything you need to know to complete your Siding home improvement project.

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Can Vinyl Siding Stand Up to Frigid Temperatures
Brrr…it’s cold outside. But when winter winds blow, it doesn’t just make you shiver. Low temperatures and freezing precipitation have…
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Does Siding Color Matter?
Whether you’re building a new house or just renovating your current home, there are countless choices to make. One of the decisions that…
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DIY Skirting Ideas to Complement Your Siding
Calling all you weekend warriors! If your concrete foundation could use some oomph, a faux stone skirting installed against it can net you…
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Best Siding and Trim Color Combos
A fresh coat of paint can work wonders on your home, breathing new life into any room. Painting the outside of your home is essentially…
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Does Energy Efficient Siding Exist?
Your home’s siding—it seems like a perfectly obvious place to look for energy efficiency updates. After all, cladding stands as your…
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Deciding on the Right Siding Color
The right siding can really make a home pop—one color can dramatically improve the look of a house, while the wrong one can ruin the…
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Seamless Steel Siding Pros and Cons
As far as home-owner responsibilities, deciding on the siding to cover your home with is a big decision to make. You have to give it…
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Royal Vinyl Siding
Royal Building Products is one of North America’s largest manufacturers of vinyl building products. The company builds its own…