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Best Walk-in Tubs of 2022

Which walk-in tub brand is best for you?
Here are our top-rated picks for 2022.

Homeowners who want to “age in place” or continue living independently at home as they age may find themselves in need of a walk-in tub. Walk-in tubs are perfect bathroom additions for any elderly or mobility challenged person living at home. They are designed to make it easier and safer to enter and exit the bathtub, with safety features like slip proof floors and seats, grab bars, and low entry thresholds. Luckily, walk-in tubs typically take up no more room than a traditional bathtub.

As you search for the best walk-in tub for your home and needs, Modernize recommends considering not only the best brands and their reputations, but also the types available, safety features, warranties, and prices. This guide to the best walk-in tubs of 2022 will help you find the perfect tub, from a brand you can trust, for your forever home.

Top 10 Walk-in Tubs of 2022

This list of the best walk-in tubs was curated and extensively researched by the home improvement experts at Modernize. Brands were ranked based on the following criteria: brand reputation and customer reviews, types of walk-in tubs offered, safety features, price range, warranty, and tub sizes.
  • Massage jet options
  • Very low entry threshold
  • Warranty includes labor
Average cost $4,420 - $10,800
Best for: Hydrotherapy

American Standard

A renowned brand in the bath and kitchen industries, American Standard provides quality accessibility-friendly bathroom products for the elderly and disabled. Available American standard walk-in tub types include standard walk-in tubs, bariatric tubs, slide-in tubs, deep soaking tubs, walk-in whirlpool tubs with jets, and air baths. Desirable features include hydrotherapy, ADA compliant tubs, LED lights, and sanitization systems, while safety features include grab bars, anti-slip flooring, and low entry thresholds. Tub doors come in a variety of configurations for different uses and needs. American standard walk-in tubs also come with a lifetime warranty if installed by an American Standard professional. The cost to install an American Standard walk-in tub ranges from $4,420 for a standard walk-in tub to close to $11,000 for a massaging whirlpool walk-in tub.

  • Great brand reputation
  • Several tub/shower combo options
  • Warranty includes labor
Average cost $4,000 - $16,000
Best for: Warranty

Safe Step Walk-in Tubs

Safe Step is one of the most reputable walk-in tub brands in the United States, providing products at competitive prices with excellent customer service. Their most popular standard walk-in tubs come with dimensions of 52” L x 38” W x 30” H and inward swinging doors, which can save space in a bathroom. Safe Step is also known for its shower/tub combo options, if users would like to enjoy both showers and baths. Noteworthy features of these walk-in tubs include external towel bars, handheld showerhead, 17” seat height, removable handles, LED lights, hydrotherapy jets, air jets, and heated seats. Safety features include anti-slip surfaces, grab bars, and a low 4” entryway. Their lifetime warranty is one of the most robust of any walk-in tub brand, as it includes labor on your walk-in tub in addition to parts. Costs for Safe Step walk-in tubs average between $4,000 to $16,000, but we recommend requesting a quote for accuracy.

  • Low 4" step
  • ADA-compliant seats
  • Stainless steel frame
Average cost $3,500 - $7,500+
Best for: Wheelchair accessibility

Bathing Solutions

Bathing Solutions has been an industry leader in walk-in tubs and home accessibility for more than 20 years. Standard tubs, made with high quality durable stainless steel, are designed to fit in the same space as a traditional bathtub, making installation easy and convenient. Safety features with Bathing Solutions walk-in tubs include a 17 inch ADA compliant seat, grab bars, low 4” step, and anti slip flooring. Types of tubs include standard versions, deep soaker walk-in tubs, wheelchair accessible ADA tubs, bariatric tubs, and slide-in tubs, which come in inward or outward swinging door options. You have the option to choose other features such as a handheld showerhead, dual drains, aromatherapy, deeper water capacity, and whirlpool jets. Bathing Solutions has a limited lifetime warranty for walk-in tubs that covers the frame, tub shell and finish, and tub seal for the lifetime of the user, and costs range from about $3,500 to $7,500+.

  • Very low 3" step
  • Easy grip ADA grab bars
  • Extra wide entry door
Average cost $4,000 - $12,000
Best for: Very low entry


Founded in 1873, Kohler is among the most well-known brands for walk-in tubs and bathroom home improvements alike. In fact, if you are renovating your bathroom beyond a walk-in tub, Kohler can help you with everything from sinks, toilets, fixtures, and more. The most popular Kohler walk-in tub model is the Belay Walk in Bath, which has dimensions of 52” to 60” long, 28” to 32” wide, and 39” high, inward swinging door, 17” seat, and a durable gelcoat fiberglass shell. This walk-in tub also has a lower entry threshold than most competitor brands – a very low 3” step and extra wide door for easier and safer entry and exit. Additional Kohler tub safety features include ADA compliant grab bars, controls, and anti-slip floors. Other features include aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, fast draining/filling technology, headrests, showerheads, sanitation and a variety of faucets and finishes. Kohler’s limited lifetime warranty covers parts and labor, but be sure to read stipulations to understand what is not covered for the lifetime. Expect these tubs to cost between $4,000 to $12,000 depending on the type, but request a quote for accuracy.

  • Affordable prices
  • Customizable doors
  • ADA-compliant seat
Average cost $3,300 - $6,000+
Best for: Built-in shower


AmeriGlide is a home accessibility brand dedicated to bringing safety and independence into the households of the elderly and mobility challenged. In addition to walk-in tubs, AmeriGlide also offers stair lifts, bath lifts, elevators and more to help users move around the house more easily and safely. AmeriGlide offers 15 walk-in tub models, including soaker tubs, wheelchair accessible tubs, and shower/tub combos, with options of both inward and outward swinging doors and a few color options. Noteworthy features include low 6” threshold, ADA-compliant seat, grab bars, anti slip flooring, hydrotherapy jets, handheld showerhead, auto drain, and durable stainless steel frame and fiberglass shell. AmeriGlide offers a limited warranty that covers the door seal for lifetime, tub for 10 years, pump and motor for 5 years, and faucets for 1 year. Costs for AmeriGlide walk-in tubs start at $3,300 and go up from there, depending on type and features.

Average cost $3,500 - $10,000
Best for: Couples

Ella's Bubbles

Ella’s Bubbles is an accredited brand offering walk-in tubs for the elderly or disabled. The brand is known for its attractive tubs with beautiful features like frosted glass doors, acrylic interiors and stainless steel frames, and dual seating for couples. Ella walk-in tubs come in a variety of sizes for petite bathers to wheelchair users to couples, from 26” to 36” in width and 52” to 80” in length. Popular styles include the slide-in tub, companion tub, and Transfer30 tub perfect for wheelchair accessibility. Features for Ella tubs range from outward swinging doors to adjustable threshold heights, dual drains, 3-latch door seal, handheld showerhead, 5 piece faucet, digital control panel or buttons, heated seat and backrest, air jets, microbubble massage therapy, and more. Ella’s Bubbles has a limited lifetime warranty that covers the shell, frame, door seal, and finish, and most other parts are covered for 5 years. Average prices for Ella’s Bubbles walk-in tubs range between $3,500 and $10,000, but ask for a quote for your chosen product.

  • Extra wide seat
  • Great quick drain technology
  • Curbside delivery available
Average cost $2,000 - $4,620
Best for: Low cost

Ariel Bath

Ariel Bath provides homeowners with high-quality walk-in tubs at a very affordable price. Though the majority of Ariel walk-in tubs are standard models, you will find a durable, long-lasting and safety-oriented tub with this brand. Ariel walk-in tubs come in 5 different sizes and are made with strong fiberglass reinforced with acrylic and gelcoat, and feature inward swinging doors. The most popular models are the standard soaking tub – which comes with features like a handheld showerhead, 22” wide seat, fast drain, chrome finishes, ADA grab bars, and anti slip floors – and the dual therapy walk-in tub, which comes with the above features plus hydrotherapy jets. The only downside to Ariel Bath is their limited warranty, which covers defects for only 1 year. However, the low cost of Ariel walk-in tubs is remarkable, ranging from under $2,000 to just below $5,000.

  • Handheld showerhead
  • Anti-slip textured floor
  • Affordable hydrotherapy models
Average cost $4,840 - $5,720
Best for: ADA compliance

Freedom Bathtubs

Freedom Bathtubs, by Accessibility Professionals Inc., is dedicated to bringing independence and comfort at home for elderly and disabled homeowners. Freedom offers 2 main models of tubs, a standard walk-in tub model featuring an inward swinging door and an ADA-compliant slide-in tub for wheelchair users featuring an outward swinging door. Both products are made with durable acrylic shells, have anti-slip floors, grab bars and low 6” threshold steps. Freedom also offers one of the most affordable products on the market that contains the comfort of heated seats and hydrotherapy jets. Freedom walk-in tubs also come with handheld showerheads, speed drains, and extra wide seats. The brand’s limited warranty covers the door seal for lifetime, structural parts for 10 years, pump for 5 years, and spare parts for 1 year. Freedom walk-in tubs range from $4,840 to $5,720 pre-installation.

  • Low cost options
  • Gelcoat fiberglass shell
  • Hydrotherapy features available
Average cost $4,500 - $6,000
Best for: Compact sizes

Independent Home

Independent Home is a small family-owned business providing walk-in tubs to homeowners for over 15 years. The brand offers a few quality models of walk-in tubs, including a slide-in tub for wheelchair users, a shower/tub combo, a bariatric tub, and a compact walk-in tub that fits in smaller spaces. All Independent walk-in tubs come equipped with a strong gelcoat fiberglass shell, outward swinging doors, grab bars, anti-slip floors and seats, 17”+ seat, low entry threshold, self-cleaning system, heated seats and backrests, and optional aromatherapy and hydrotherapy microbubble features. Independent Home offers a limited lifetime warranty that covers the tub’s key components for the lifetime of use. The average cost for an Independent Home walk-in tub is between $4,500 and $6,000, but be sure to request a quote for accuracy.

  • Custom-built to your needs
  • High-speed drains
  • Handheld shower wand
Average cost $5,000 - $12,000
Best for: Selection

Hydro Dimensions

Hydro Dimensions has been a leader in walk-in tubs since 2002 and provides tubs for a variety of lifestyles and needs. Although Hydro Dimensions offers 17 basic walk-in tub models, each tub is made-to-order to ensure it is custom-built to fit the user’s needs and preferences. Tub features include angled grab bars, handheld shower wands, high-speed drains, sanitation systems, inward swinging doors, and anti-slip floors, with upgrade features such as LED lights, massage jets, and heaters. They offer one of the best selections in the walk-in tub industry with their range of products. Costs range from $5,000 to $12,000+, depending on the type of tub and features you choose. Hydro Dimensions offers a lifetime warranty for the tub’s parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a walk-in tub?

A walk-in tub is a bathtub designed to add safety, independence, and comfort to elderly or mobility challenged people living at home. Rather than struggling to climb over the tall threshold of a standard tub, a walk-in tub has a door that swings in or out and seals shut to keep water in, allowing the user to enter or exit the tub easily and safely. Walk-in tubs also feature seats for users to sit down while bathing, while bath water reaches the height of the users. Walk-in tub safety features include grab bars, anti-slip floors and seats, fast fill and drain technology, and more.

What types of walk-in tubs are there?

There are several different types of walk-in tubs available today, and each is designed for different needs, uses and preferences. The main types of walk-in tubs are standard soaker walk-in tubs, deep enough for the user’s torso and lower body to submerge; hydrotherapy walk-in tubs, which feature massage jets; bariatric tubs, designed for larger users and support up to 600 lbs.; and wheelchair accessible walk-in tubs, also known as slide-in tubs. Add-on features are also available for most tub models from the majority of walk-in tub brands.

What should a high-quality walk-in tub cost?

While different brands offer different costs for their products, a high-quality standard mode walk-in tub should cost about $2,000 to $5,000 on average, while walk-in tubs with special features, such as hydrotherapy jets, heated seats, and other luxury technology should cost in the $5,000 to $10,000+ range. You may see costs run as high as $12,000 for some brands.

Which walk-in tub features are the most important?

First, be sure that the brand includes all the standard safety features for walk-in tubs. Look for ADA grab bars and handrails, a step threshold of 6” or less, anti-slip floors and seats, sealing doors, and fast fill and drain technology. Also consider comfort features, since you will be enjoying the tub for years to come. Comfort features include heated seats and headrests, handheld showerheads, self-cleaning functionality, hydrotherapy massage jets, and aromatherapy (if desired).

What determines the best walk-in tub brands?

There are many qualities to consider when choosing a walk-in tub. Modernize recommends considering 5 main factors when finding the best tub for you – cost, types of tubs available, safety and comfort features, warranty, and size selections. Make sure the walk-in tub brand you choose has a tub that fits your personal needs and lifestyle. Also be sure to look into customer reviews for each walk-in tub brand to ensure great customer service and customer satisfaction.

What is a slide-in tub?

A slide-in tub is very similar to a walk-in tub, but is designed to accommodate wheelchair users specifically. Slide-in tubs have built-in seats with heights that should fall at the same height as the wheelchair’s seat. Most also have adjustable seats, so users can ensure the tub seat and wheelchair seat are level with one another. Slide-in tubs are designed with safety and convenience in mind, so wheelchair users can easily and securely enter and exit the bathtub.

How much water does a walk-in tub use?

Because water reaches the user’s height while sitting down, a walk-in tub uses more water than a traditional bathtub. Most walk-in tubs use 40 to 100 gallons of water per bath, while a standard tub uses about 30 gallons per use. When considering a walk-in tub installation for your home, it is worthwhile to consider whether or not you will also need a larger hot water heater.

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