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Kohler Walk-in Tubs Review

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Kohler is one of the most popular home improvement brands in the country. Founded in 1873, the brand has been around for nearly 150 years, making a name for itself in everything from bathroom tubs to showers and other fixtures. Based in Kohler, Wisconsin, the brand offers some of the highest quality walk-in tubs on the market today. Kohler manufactures a single walk-in tub model with various styles and upgrades that allows seniors to age in place at their homes safely. On this page, we will take a deep dive into Kohler walk-in tubs, covering everything you need to know before deciding if Kohler is the right brand for you.

About Kohler Walk-in Tubs

Kohler walk-in tubs are a great alternative to standard bathtubs and standing showers for seniors because they are easier and safer to step into and out of. They offer non-slip floors, low step-in entry, and grab bars that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act for Accessible Design (ADA). Kohler walk-in tubs can also be installed as tub/shower combos, so you can choose to shower or bathe at any time.

Kohler walk in tubs
Safety FeaturesComfort Features
Low 3" step-in entrywayInterior control panel
Grab bars Whirlpool jets
Wide doorHeated backrest
Non-slip flooringWide seating area
Fast drain technologyHand shower

The Kohler walk-in tub also offers comfort features such as hydrotherapy jets, heated backrests, an easy-to-reach control panel that controls jets and headrest, and a wide seat for a spa-like experience. These walk-in bathtubs are designed to fit within a standard bathtub size, so you should not have to worry about making drastic changes to your existing bathroom.


Pros and Cons of Kohler Walk-in Tubs

With so many ADA compliant walk-in tubs on the market, it’s certainly worth comparing brands and models before buying. Explore a few pros and cons of Kohler’s walk-in tub offerings before deciding whether it is the right brand for you.


  • Very low 3″ step. Stepping in and out of your walk-in tub is easier than ever with Kohler’s 3-inch step. Compare that to other brands, which offer higher step-ins by as many as a few inches.
  • Easy grip ADA grab bars. Kohler walk-in tubs are outfitted with ADA-compliant grab bars, which make it easy to lower yourself into the bath or pull yourself to a standing position. Even if you don’t need these bars, they’re smart to have should you have an emergency slip and fall.
  • Extra wide entry door. This brand’s walk-in tubs offer an extra-wide entry door which allows for better maneuverability.
  • Seamless installation. Kohler offers installation services, meaning it’s an easy experience from purchase to installation day. You will only need one pro to do the job.
  • All-inclusive pricing model. Kohler’s pricing guarantee is unique. They offer all-inclusive pricing, which means you won’t see hidden charges when you pay for your walk-in tub and installation.


  • No Ozone Cleaning. Ozone cleaning systems sanitize your tub, protecting you from waste, bacteria and other contaminants. Kohler does not have this self-cleaning feature. 
  • No Wheelchair Accessibility. Kohler tubs are a great option for those with mobility issues, but the brand does not offer specific wheelchair accessible models in its current line up of products.

Types of Kohler Walk-in Tubs

Kohler offers one standard model of walk-in tub, which comes with standard features: the low walk-in threshold, the multifunction hands shower wand, hydrotherapy and air jets, fast-drain technology, a heated back rest by Bask, and easy-to-grip handrails. Luckily, this model provides most homeowners with all the features and functions they need in a perfect walk-in tub. However, keep in mind that many other top brands do offer a wider variety when it comes to walk-in tub models and features.

Kohler also offers a walk-in bath and shower combo package which includes bath walls and fixtures. You can also add a bath screen to your walk-in tub to prevent water spillage. Bath walls can be added to the walk-in tub online, which will protect your walls from water damage.

How Much Does a Kohler Walk-in Tub Cost?

Price estimates for Kohler walk-in tubs vary depending on the types of add-on features and the cost of installation. Kohler predicts that you can get a new standard tub beginning at $2,000 without installation. With premium features and installation, it is possible to spend upwards of $25,000.

On average, you can expect to pay between $4,000 to $12,000 for a brand new Kohler walk-in tub plus installation. Your Kohler walk-in bath cost can also depend on where you live and who your local installers are.

Below you can compare the cost of different types of Kohler walk-in tubs based on included features.

Copy of (no name)
Kohler walk-in tub typePrice range (tub only)Accessories and features
Basic walk-in tubs$2,000 - $5,000Safety features only
Walk-in tubs with whirlpool jets$5,000 - $10,000Whirlpool jets and/or air jets
Specialty walk-in tubs$2,500 - $15,000Wheelchair accessibility, two-seater, tub/shower combo
Premium walk-in tubs$7,000 - $20,000Heated backrest, adjustable jets and shower wand, oversized tubs

How Much Does a Walk-in Tub Cost?

Find out how much a walk-in tub should cost on average to make sure you are getting the best price possible.

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Kohler occasionally offers promotional discounts. Ask your local dealer about upcoming sales and offers as you shop.

Potential Additional Costs

In addition, some installers may charge a fee to remove your old tub, if needed, which ranges from $250 to $700. Kohler recommends adding a new, 50-gallon water tank to maintain water temperature with your new walk-in tub. New water tanks cost between $1,500 and $5.000.

Financing Options

While Medicare does not cover installation of a walk-in tub, you might be able to get some financial assistance through other programs including Medicaid, the Department of Veteran Affairs or the US Department of Agriculture.

Additionally, walk-in tub buyers do have some financing options available. It is always possible to talk to your walk-in tub professional at Kohler about financing options in order to get the walk-in tub model and features you truly want.

All-inclusive Pricing

Kohler promises what it calls “all-inclusive pricing,” meaning you will get an accurate quote at the time of purchase and won’t face additional charges incurred during installation.

Kohler Walk-in Tub Warranties

Your Kohler walk-in tub is built for safety and it’s built to last, too. Kohler offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty, covering manufacturing defects on all of your tub’s components. The warranty will cover defects on the tub’s bath door seal, hydrotherapy systems, Kohler faucets and hand showers among many other features.

Be sure to read the fine print. While the tub’s pieces and parts are covered, the warranty does not include reimbursement or coverage for the additional labor required to have these fixes made.

Kohler Walk-in Tub Final Review

Kohler is a longstanding brand with a good reputation in kitchen and bath products for homes around the country. Their walk-in tub is no exception. Their singular design means you won’t have to waste time comparing their various models. This tub is built to last and has many handy features and upgrades. Its pricing falls in line with other common brands as well.

Many Kohler customers are thrilled with their walk-in tubs, saying they improved their quality of life and offered peace of mind for their safety. Customers reported that their walk-in tubs helped them stay comfortable at home and avoid the cost of living in a nursing home.

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