In order to grow your gutter business, you will need to see increased profitability year over year. Most business owners know that they need to invest in marketing, but the question quickly arises: where do I start?  

As you are exploring traditional and digital marketing channels, do not underestimate the foundation of every successful campaign: creating a solid brand for your company. Follow these gutter brand strategies to build your company and support future growth: 

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Establishing Your Brand

A strong company brand fosters an environment of success for the rest of your marketing efforts. Before you launch any marketing campaign, make sure you start with the most crucial step: creating and establishing your brand. 

Here are a few reasons why it is crucial that you establish your brand before proceeding with other marketing campaigns. A good brand: 

  • Creates a memorable impression for each homeowner 
  • Manages expectations for what homeowners can expect from your company 
  • Sets your business apart from the competition 
  • Drives new leads and business opportunities 
  • Increases overall business value 

Gutter Brand Strategies 

Now that you have an established brand, make sure you stay ahead of the game by marketing the brand in new and creative ways. The goal is to make sure potential customers see your business, and you stand out from the competition. Consider these proven gutter marketing strategies for your business: 

Strategy #1: The Power of Social Media

Most business owners know that they need an online presence, but it can feel overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. The key is to focus your efforts on one marketing strategy, instead of spreading your team thin over multiple platforms.  

Digital marketing is an effective way to grow a business, especially when you take advantage of social media websites to spread awareness about your business. If you need to prioritize one type of online marketing, social media should be at the top of your list. Grow your social media profiles using these tips: 

  • Post regular updates using scheduling apps and social media management platforms, such as Sprout Social or Buffer. 
  • Use relevant hashtags to reach a wider audience and increase the views on your posts. 
  • Create a two-way conversation by interacting with followers through comments and messaging. 

Strategy #2: Build Partnerships

Relationships are valuable to every business owner. As you build your network and connections, it becomes easier to spread awareness about your brand. Look for complementary providers where you can create a win-win relationship for both parties. 

One example is building a relationship with local roofing contractors in the area. Since your gutter services go hand-in-hand with re-roofs or new roof installation, you can refer customers to the roofing business, and they will provide leads to your gutter business. This approach gives both partners the benefit of leveraging a vast market to access new leads. 

Strategy #3: Invest in Lead Generation

Most home improvement contractors do not have the expertise or time to bring in quality leads. Instead of building this new system from scratch, it is more effective to partner with Modernize to help you spread brand awareness to homeowners who need your services.  

Not only do we have a proven system to increase brand awareness, but we have streamlined solutions in place to pair contractors with vetted homeowners. Our high-quality leads can increase your chances of closing deals, which has an undeniable impact on your bottom line.  

Here is a quick overview of how you will benefit from our matching process: 

  1. Homeowners tell us about their projects, and we run their information through verification solutions. Our goal is to ensure it is an actual homeowner before passing the lead to our partners. 
  2. Modernize reaches out to the homeowner as the first point of contact to get a little more information about their project needs.  
  3. Modernize matches homeowners with contractors to create the best opportunity for a successful relationship. 

Is it unbelievable? Check out our customer testimonials to see the results we have generated with many home improvement contractors throughout the country. We are confident in our system and would love to discuss the potential outcomes for your gutter business. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more. 

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