Do you have a guaranteed system in place for maintaining a strong communication between the various departments in your home improvement business? If you want to optimize your overall business results, it is essential to ensure that multiple departments have clear communication and ongoing collaboration. 

Start by looking at your home improvement sales and project management collaboration. Getting these two teams to trust each other and work together boosts overall results for everyone involved. 

Consider these strategies to improve home improvement sales and project management collaboration in your company: 

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Define Department Responsibilities 

The first step to improve collaboration between departments is to define the responsibilities each team carries in the business. Clear responsibilities highlight the priorities for both the sales and project management teams. 

In addition to defining responsibilities, you should also provide transparency between departments so that the teams understand what others are working on. Defining responsibilities and enabling transparency helps individuals see how their responsibilities influences the success of other departments. 

Highlight Unique Strengths 

When individuals feel appreciated, it has an undeniable impact on boosting team performance. Look for ways to tap into the unique strengths each person is bringing to the company. Then, find ways to improve collaboration so that everyone has their place in the overall system, such as helping the sales team capture the vision of how they set the stage for the project management team. 

Share Collaborative Goals

If you want to build a company culture of teamwork and cohesiveness, then look for ways that departments share collaborative goals. Departmental goals are essential for envisioning the bigger picture

When the sales team and project management team share combined goals, it naturally shapes the individual goals to support the company’s overall effort. Look for ways to tie these collaborative goals in with the company‘s mission and values. 

Establish a Communication System

Sometimes, the most significanway to improve collaboration between departments is to establish a system of communication. Create a simple, user-friendly communication system, such as a group text or email chain. Also, establish meeting times to support face-to-face conversations as needed. One example is having a weekly meeting to discuss the current needs and future goals. 

Celebrate Success

Build the energy of home improvement sales and project management collaboration by acknowledging successes and celebrations along the way. If the sales team hits a big goalinvite the project management team to enjoy a celebratory treat with the team. At the same time, keep the sales team updated on project management successes, such as successfully completing a big milestone. 

Lead by Example 

The best way to show your departments how to interact is by leading both teams by example. Look for ways to demonstrate collaboration through your efforts. In addition to promoting team conversations, also prioritize one-on-one discussions, helping you gather feedback from employees and management. 

Both the sales team and project management team are critical departments in your home improvement business. Working through the complexity of supporting communication and collaboration, results in a powerful dynamic to support the company’s ongoing needs. 

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