The most important tactic in achieving your goal of closing more deals, is proving that you are the ultimate remodeling expert. Yes, homeowners want to learn more about the cost of the project, but the most important concern is the final result. Often, homeowners are willing to spend a bit more money if they know that they are working with an experienced, quality contractor.

Your talking points and positioning during the consultation will set the tone to help each homeowner see why you are the preferred provider. Consider these essential tips for communicating the right message with potential clients.

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Record Project Details

When you start the consultation, be proactive about recording information about the potential project space. Take pictures, write down measurements, and make notes about the goals for the renovation.

A passive conversation during the consultation might inadvertently communicate that you aren’t a serious contractor, and you’re not serious about the project. Instead, you can show your commitment by acting “as-if” – show up and be fully present and engaged in learning more about the project, as if you have already closed the deal.

Not only will pictures and project notes help finalize your estimate, but this information can be beneficial for showing the homeowner the before-and-after results at the end.

Discuss the Value of the Home

One motivating factor for homeowners to spend money on renovations is the potential value add to their property. Real estate is an investment, which means that the right projects can increase the asking price when the homeowner decides to sell in the future.

During the consultation, show your expertise by offering feedback about issues that could potentially hurt the home’s value. Then, show how your services will fix these issues. For example, walk through the kitchen and bathrooms to identify upgrade opportunities such as new countertops, cabinet refinishing, or flooring replacement.

This transparent communication provides homeowners the information needed to choose an optimal scope of work. At the same time, you give them the peace of mind knowing that they have a contractor who understands the industry.

Two-Way Conversations

Even though you might feel like you are repeating yourself with different homeowners, these talking points are essential to educating the client about the renovation industry. Yes, it’s necessary to convey certain information about interior renovations. At the same time, you need to leave an opportunity for the homeowner to talk about their goals and preferences.

Don’t talk “at” homeowners. A better approach is to guide the person through their options. Ask quality questions, listen with the intent to understand, and offer suggestions to help them overcome common objections. Building a transparent relationship can result in a life-long customer. Not only will the person call when renovations are needed again in the future, but there’s a good chance they will send referrals when friends and family need to hire a contractor.

Bringing in leads through channels like Modernize is just the first step. When someone is ready to move forward with a home renovation project, then it’s your job to highlight your expertise and prove why you are the ultimate remodeling expert.

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