A bathroom remodel can transform a dark, damp room into a relaxing, rejuvenating space. When homeowners are looking at options for renovations, the kitchen and bathrooms are often the highest on their priority list.

Most of the time, the homeowner found a few pictures online they’d like to recreate. But they don’t understand the behind-the-scenes efforts that lead to the outcome they desire. As a bathroom remodeling contractor, you can guide their decisions and help each family create a bathroom they will love.

Here are a few things you should always discuss with homeowners to ensure the highest levels of satisfaction when the project is complete:

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1. Finalize the Plan Before Work Commences

It can be expensive for the homeowner to change their mind once you order materials and start the demolition. Dedicate a sufficient amount of time in the planning stages to educate homeowners about their options. This conversation can be a valuable opportunity for each homeowner to learn about their preferences. Then, you can finalize a digital design for the homeowners to sign off on before you start working on the bathroom.

2. Maintain the Same Layout When Possible

While it might seem dreamy to move the sink and put the shower on the other side of the bathroom, these major changes will skyrocket the renovation cost. When homeowners are on a budget, then you should encourage them to keep the same footprint whenever possible. Placing new fixtures on existing plumbing pipes is more affordable than the demolition and reconstruction required to reconfigure the piping.

3. Improve Storage Solutions

Good storage in bathrooms provides a place for extra towels, personal care items, and even cleaning supplies. It can be a challenge to build storage into the bathroom without overcrowding the room. Once the sink, toilet, and shower are in place, it often feels as though there is limited space left for storage. But think outside the box for storage design by going vertical or placing movable storage items such as racks and baskets.

4. Pay Attention to Out-of-Sight Details

Some of the things that will make your bathroom functional are the features that aren’t in the main line of sight when you step into the bathroom. For example, the appropriate placement of the outlets ensures that someone can stand in front of the mirror while using a hair dryer or curling iron. Another commonly overlooked feature is the ventilation system. Since bathrooms are enclosed spaces, it’s essential to install a good vent to remove excess humidity in the room.

5. Don’t Cut Corners on Lighting and Fixtures

Spending a little extra money on lighting and fixtures can up-level the design. An average bathroom renovation can have a high-end feel by using quality materials for the plumbing fixtures, cabinet hardware, and lighting. For example, installing the right lighting makes the bathroom radiant for a fraction of the cost of high-end amenities (such as multiple shower-heads or imported tile). Good lighting is built around mirrors and vanities, reducing shadows cast on the face when looking in the mirror.

Quality Bathroom Renovation Solutions for Your Clients

By reminding your homeowners about these five things, you can build trust and confidence with each client through the design and build-out of their new bathroom. Each project is unique, which is why you must invest the time at the beginning of the project to create the perfect bathroom design for each family. Building this relationship with homeowners not only leads to future projects when they are ready for more renovations, but you can also create a solid base of referrals from satisfied customers.

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