Having the right sales strategies in your arsenal not only helps your career, but it’s an important step to support customers in finding the right flooring for their homes. If you want to be successful on the sales floor, you need to know more than product details and pricing. Your goal is to create a safe, comfortable environment where customers can learn about their options.

The most effective approach is to teach customers about available products, then tap into the emotional factors that close the deal. Even though every customer is unique, there are things you can do to systemize this process. These sales skills help you address client concerns along the way and optimize your presentations based on the needs of each person.

In the home improvement industry, you’ll see common themes and trends coming up in your conversations. Many people have similar concerns and questions, and you can streamline this process by creating a sales guide. This personalized reference guide ensures that you have all relevant information at your fingertips, making it easier to lead a customer to the point of sale.

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Pros and Cons of Using a Flooring Sales Guide

It’s good to remind yourself that the best sales happen when you connect the customer with the right product for their needs. Closing the deal isn’t just about boosting your commission – a customer-focused sales approach creates a win-win scenario for your company and the homeowner.

Here are a few pros of using a sales guide when connecting with new customers:

  •   Systematize the Buying Process: Creating a flooring sales guide gives you a system to help the customer navigate their flooring options.
  •   Match the Customer’s Lifestyle: By laying out the pros and cons, you can show homeowners which flooring products are the right fit for their lifestyle.
  •   Clear Communication: Open, detailed communication is essential for helping customers know pricing and features. When you educate customers on the available products, they are empowered to choose the right materials for their homes.
  •   Centralize the Information: Often, salespeople find that they are looking up the same references repeatedly. Customers have similar questions – pay attention to those details so you can consolidate the information in the same sales guide.

As with any business strategy, there are a few cons to designing a sales guide. One of the most notable drawbacks is maintaining the relevancy of your sheet. As product availability and industry demands change, you need to be proactive about updating your sheet to match the latest information.

Also, there are times when your flooring sales guide doesn’t match the needs of every customer. For example, a homeowner who is looking for unusual flooring won’t benefit from the standard information on your reference sheet.

Matching Flooring with a Customer’s Lifestyle

The most effective sales system uses your sales guide to match a customer’s needs with available products. Ultimately, you need to understand the homeowner’s lifestyle to provide product recommendations that are a good fit for them.

Here are a few lifestyle factors to consider when you are designing your flooring sales guide:

  •   Activities Levels in the Home: The number of people living in the home plays a factor in the best type of material. Heavy traffic, kids, and pets require resilient flooring like tile, vinyl, or hardwood. Someone living alone might be able to use softer materials, like bamboo or carpet.
  •   Entertainment and Events: If the homeowner enjoys parties with friends and family, then make sure flooring is durable enough to hold up against damage from spills, high heels, and other wear-and-tear.
  •   Aesthetics and Style: The flooring’s overall look and feel need to tie in with the other décor features in the home. For example, modern or contemporary homes often use tile or vinyl. Traditional homes look good with carpet or hardwood.

Remember: the homeowner is trusting your expertise for this decision. Building that trust through relevant recommendations helps you create long-term relationships and referrals.

There are many materials and flooring choices available, making it a challenge for homeowners to navigate the industry without support. Your flooring sales guide can help to eliminate overwhelm and guide each customer in choosing the optimal products for their home.

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