As a contracting business, what strategies are you implementing to hit your ROI goals this year? If you are staying ahead of the latest homeowner trends, there are many opportunities you can use to expand your reach and optimize ROI.  

What are the next steps you should take to hit your ROI goals? Continue reading to learn more. 

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Pain Points for Home Improvement Businesses 

As you are exploring new growth opportunities, it is critical to address some of the most common pain points experience: 

  • Generating Organic Leads: You know that the internet is a gold mine for leads, but it is a challenge to build a website and implement SEO tactics that work to generate organic leads. 
  • Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy: Many businesses are still using traditional marketing tactics, such as door knocking. However, homeowners are now turning to online resources to find contractors, which means you miss out on potential leads without a digital strategy. 
  • Expanding into New Geographical Areas: Are you preparing to grow your business into new areas? If you have already tapped the local market, your next step would be to increase revenue by offering services in nearby locations. 
  • Integrating Technology: If you are still using a traditional system instead of integrating with technology and reporting automation, you are slowing your company’s potential progress. According to our account managers, companies that embrace technology perform better at least by 20 percent. Automation eliminates human error, printer issues, mistakes in calculations, and more. 
  • Lead Contacting and Follow Up: When new leads are continuously coming in, following up with potential customers can be challenging. Therefore, contractors need speed-to-lead tactics and strategies for following up to close the deal. Check out our latest webinar for more information on creating your follow-up strategy. 

Addressing Pain Points to Hit Your ROI Goals 

We have talked about the pain points contracting businesses face; now, it is time to discuss how to tackle those pain points. When you eliminate these problems, it opens more doors of opportunity for your business. Consider these areas of focus to optimize your results: 

  • Organic Leads and Digital Strategy: Generating organic leads and developing a digital marketing strategy go hand in hand. If your marketing strategy is weak, you will have a more challenging time getting people to visit your website. As a result, it minimizes your chances for new opportunities. On the other hand, establishing an online presence through various SEO tactics can help widen your market. 
  • Expanding into New Markets: If you have a proven success system, why not expand it into new markets?  Expansion is not an easy task, but it is worth the rewards in the long run. Not only do you need to reach into new geographical areas, but lead generation is a critical factor that will help you connect with homeowners in these locations. 
  • Speed-to-Lead Tactics: Industry competition is fierce. If you are not first, then you are last – and will miss the opportunity. At Modernize, we hear contractors tell us they are hesitant to call homeowners right away since they receive many calls. However, if you do not call, your competitors have already won that lead.  
  • Additionally, it is probable that homeowners do not know about YOUR brand, so set the tone in the initial conversation by giving a value statement. Finally, approach the conversation with a talking point that makes the homeowner choose you. 

In addition to these points, you also need an effective follow-up strategy. At Modernize, we offer our latest Contractors Guide to Following Up with Homeowners that includes templates and statistics on preferred communication. If you are ready to expand into new markets, reach out to us to see how Modernize can help.  

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