Best Window Options for Small Bathrooms

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Bathroom windows can pose a bit of a design dilemma. You want ultimate privacy in the bathroom, but natural light is helpful for most personal grooming tasks. In small bathrooms, there aren’t always options when it comes to the location or size of the window – and interior rooms prevent the luxury of having a window at all. But before you resign yourself to unflattering overhead lighting, check out these bathroom window ideas for inspiration.



A fixed skylight above the shower is just what you need to be one with nature. An overhead window retains privacy while bringing in the gorgeous daylight. If you haven’t decided on tile, consider going with something earthy to make your shower feel like a peaceful paradise.


Shutter-style blinds can be adjusted to easily adapt to your privacy needs. Open them up with a flick of the wrist to let the light in, or close them to conceal the room.

Textured Glass

Checkered Floor Blue Bathroom

Your bathroom window doesn’t have to be on the ceiling to offer both sunlight and privacy. Glass that has a heavy texture or high opacity obscures the view and doesn’t make much of a difference as far as the lighting goes. You can also use temporary contact paper that has a frosted look or texture to it for a quick and cheap solution.

Glass Block Windows

bathroom window 2

Like textured glass, glass blocks let ample light into the space without compromising privacy. You can even make an entire wall out of glass blocks if you want to brighten up the room.

Recessed Windows

In a small bathroom, every bit of storage space is essential. That’s why a small recessed window is the perfect solution. The ledge offers an extra place to store beauty products or decor that may not fit elsewhere, and you get the perception that the space is more open.

Transom Windows

transom window

Transoms are typically accent windows that go above or below a door or larger window. But in a space where privacy is key, a transom window works well as a standalone. Make sure to position the window high enough that privacy isn’t compromised for a view of the outdoors.

Hopper Windows

Like a transom window, a hopper window is usually set high on the wall; but it opens downward to provide ventilation when need be. If your bathroom gets soaked with condensation when you take a hot shower, consider getting one you can easily open without having to get out of the shower.

If you keep an open mind about your options, there’s a solution that will make a tight space look larger and feel as refreshing as a spa. If you know which direction you want to go for your bathroom or need more information, check out our window buying guide to get started on the process of installing or replacing your window.

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