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Top Trends for Master Bathrooms

Just as with your master bedroom, your master or primary bathroom should make you feel like royalty in your home—adorned with all the amenities that give you comfort while making the statement you want to make. The following are Modernize’s top trends you should consider incorporating into your master bathroom remodel to give yourself the royal treatment.

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Open Showers

If you’re not concerned about privacy, an open shower or walk-in shower can make your bathroom appear more spacious while allowing you to incorporate features like a linear drain, a misting system, anti-fog mirrors, ambient lighting, and a built-in bench into your shower. You can add your tub into the shower, or if space permits, keep it separate from the open shower area—making the shower feel like a spa experience. Either way, you will have a convenient space where you don’t have to worry about slipping and falling while you’re trying to get out after a nice, long shower.

 Vintage Metal Fixtures

From industrial copper to brass to gold, many people are turning to vintage metal fixtures to add depth, dimension, and warmth to their bathroom. And by adding these metals to other areas of the bathroom, like around mirrors and lights, you create a cohesive flair that sets an inviting tone for the entire area.

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Asymmetrical Mirrors

In the ultimate expression of creativity, asymmetrical mirrors are installed to make the bathroom look more interesting. This can either be done by using a mirror that is already created in a unique asymmetrical shape, or by getting a regular rectangular or square mirror and installing it in an asymmetrical way during your master bathroom remodel—for example, placing it above the sink on an angle that you would not expect. This makes the bathroom stimulating to the eye and just plain fun to be in. 

Freestanding Tubs

People are using freestanding bathtubs, especially bigger ones, in order to combine old-time decor with a modern sensibility that embodies the luxury of a long, relaxing bubble bath. Also, freestanding tubs have a visual appeal that adds to the architectural statement that your bathroom makes, especially if you choose a tub that has an unconventional shape and color.

Heated Floors 

Thanks to this trend, gone are the days when you finish a warm, relaxing shower or soak in the tub, only to experience the frigid sensations of your feet meeting a cold, uncomfortable floor. A heating system can be installed underneath almost any popular bathroom flooring – including wood, vinyl, concrete, or tile. This can create a warm and cozy experience that will be more than worth the investment of your master bathroom remodel.  

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