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Bryant Air Conditioner
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Bryant AC Unit Brand Review

Bryant air conditioners are a great option for an AC unit replacement. They come from a top of the line air conditioning manufacturer and are a sister company to top tier brands such as HEIL, Payne, and Carrier HVAC. The systems offered under the Bryant brand name are often similar if not the exact same air conditioners offered by Carrier, which means you are getting a quality air conditioner when searching for a new unit for your home.

bryant AC unit buying guide

Bryant Air Conditioner Prices

  • The price for a Bryant AC unit can range from $2,300 to $4,500 in installation costs. The cost to install a new air conditioner will depend on a few different factors such as size needed for your home and the energy efficiency level (SEER) you want.  For a 1,600 square foot home you would need a 2.5 ton Bryant air conditioner which would cost around $2,600 to install. To get exact local costs, connect with one of our contractors today.

Prices by Size

Installing a new air conditioner is a great investment for your home, but you need to pick the correct size by TONs and BTU capacity that will be able to handle the cooling and heating needs for your home’s square footage. TONs range from 1.5 to 5 Tons and can cost between $2,300 to $3,800 to install. If your home was 1000 to 1300 square feet, you would need a 2 TON air conditioner costing around $2,568 for total installation costs. See the full chart of prices by size below:

Bryant AC SizeHome's Sq. FtInstallation CostAC Unit Only
1.5 tons600 – 1000$2,300$1,200
2 tons1000 – 1300$2,568$1,399
2.5 tons1300 – 1600$2,675$1,552
3 tons1600 – 1900$2,882$1,600
3.5 tons1900 – 2200$3,076$1,886
4 tons2200 – 2600$3,288$1,936
5 tons2600 – 3200$3,800$2,489

Prices by Model

Bryant offers three models of air conditioners – Legacy, Preferred, and their top tier Evolution series AC unit. If you were to get a 16 SEER AC unit in the mid tier Preferred series such as the Bryant Preferred 126B air conditioner you could expect installation costs to be around $2,800. The higher the SEER rating, the more energy efficient your HVAC system will be, so you’ll pay more upfront but will save money in the future on utility bills. See average costs by size & AC unit two paragraphs below.

It’s always smart to get price quotes from at least four local licensed HVAC contractors before starting your project in order to get the best price.

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Local Bryant Air Conditioner Installers

A new air conditioner is only a good investment if it’s installed properly and functions well with the rest of your home. You’ll want to find a local AC contractor who has experience installing Bryant air conditioners in your area.

Find trusted Bryant heating and cooling contractors in your area. Use the zip box below to find AC replacement and repair contractors installing the top HVAC brands such as Bryant in your neighborhood. Review contractor’s profiles, reviews and ratings, and find the most reliable local air conditioning installers. (Our contractors serve multiple cities and states and may have a listed physical address in their profile different from your current location. No worries, we will always connect you with pros serving your exact location.)

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Bryant Legacy Series Air Conditioners

The Bryant Legacy air conditioner line is the most affordable AC unit offered from the company. They have SEER ratings from 13 to 16. A 14 SEER Bryant Legacy 114C model air conditioner would cost around $2,322 to install. See all model costs below:

Bryant AC ModelEfficiency RatingInstallation CostUnit Only Cost
Bryant Legacy 113A13 SEER$2,289$1,277
Bryant Legacy 114C14  SEER$2,322$1,234
Bryant Legacy 106A16 SEER$2,575$1,485

Bryant Preferred Series Air Conditioners

The Bryant Preferred series AC unit is the mid range cost option for someone who wants a better energy efficiency level at 17 SEER and would like the option for a 1 or 2 stage compressor.  A standard efficiency 16 SEER Bryant Preferred 126B air conditioning unit would price out around $2789 in installation costs. See all install costs below:

Bryant AC ModelEfficiency RatingInstallation CostUnit Only Cost
Bryant Preferred 123A13 SEER$2,525$1,388
Bryant Preferred 124ANS14 SEER$2,625$1,405
Bryant Preferred 126B16 SEER$2,789$1,650
Bryant Preferred 127A17 SEER$3,114$1,787

Bryant Evolution Series Air Conditioners

Bryant offers a premium model HVAC unit called the Evolution series AC unit. This top-tier air conditioner gets energy efficiency levels up to 21 SEER and all of the models in this series are able to be digitally controlled from anywhere at anytime. They are also extremely quiet AC systems, which is a major factor when noise levels are a concern.

Evolution AC Series Prices

The cost to install a Bryant Evolution Air Conditioner can range from $2,895 to $4225 depending on the energy efficiency (SEER rating) you are wanting for your new air conditioner. A standard efficiency rating under this series is a 16 SEER and Bryant’s high level energy efficient AC unit offers a 20 SEER rating. See average installation costs for these models below:

Bryant AC ModelEfficiency RatingInstallation CostUnit Only Cost
Bryant Evolution 186B16 SEER$2,895$1,682
Bryant Evolution 187B17 SEER$3,222$1,838
Bryant Evolution 189BNV19 SEER$3,540$2,190
Bryant Evolution 180B20 SEER$4,225$2,499

Bryant Heat Pump Costs

  • The price for a a Bryant heat pump installation can range from $5,200 to $10,620 in total installation costs. Your total costs to replace or install will largely depend on the size of the system needed for your home and the SEER rating of the heat pump. To get exact local costs, connect with one of our heat pump installers today.
Bryant Heat PumpsInstallation CostsEnergy EfficiencyHSPF RatingAC Unit Only
Legacy 214D$5,31514 SEER8.2$1,798
Legacy 215B$5,43215 SEER8.5$2,140
Preferred 224ANS$5,79514 SEER8.2$2,230
Preferred 225B$6,32616 SEER9$2,432
Preferred 226A$6,32617.5 SEER9.5$2,632
Evolution 285B$6,28916 SEER8.5$2,802
Evolution 286B$7,76217.5 SEER9.5$3,565
Evolution 288BNV$9,11218 SEER11$3,815
Evolution 280A$10,62020.5 SEER13$4,534

Bryant Warranty

If you follow the directions and register for your Bryant HVAC warranty within the 90 day grace period from when you purchase your new AC unit you’ll get a competitive warranty for your HVAC system that will cover most issues dependent on your particular air conditioner model. The most common warranty provided from Bryant is the 10 year Standard Parts Limited Warranty.

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Bryant vs Other Brands

Bryant is what you would consider a mid tier priced air conditioning brand, they have reliable HVAC units across the board. They offer budget friendly options and are manufactured by the same company that makes the brands Carrier and Day & Night. They often use the same quality parts in their units. See the cost comparison chart to get an idea of what other AC brands cost to install.

Air Conditioner Brands:Average Unit Cost:SEER Rating:
American Standard$3,65616.8

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