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Daikin AC Systems – Review

daikin air conditioners

Daikin HVAC is a Japanese heating and cooling company that’s been in business since 1924. The company specializes in heat pumps, central ac units, ductless air conditioner systems and furnaces. It’s one of the biggest HVAC companies in business and has a reliable network of warehouses, office buildings and service representatives to help resolve issues and provide product support all over the country.

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Comfort Pro Service

During the first year your equipment is installed, a Daikin HVAC comfort pro will come out and fix any reasonable issues that you encounter without cost to you. The company will ensure that the installation was performed properly and that you are getting the most out of your new equipment. Whether you are heating or cooling your home, you can count on Daikin to make sure everything is functioning as it should be.

Daikin Warranty: Part Replacement

Daikin HVAC has 64 different base locations with supply stores in even more areas. With so many different bases of operation, the company is able to help resolve most issues quickly. Getting replacement parts is a simple matter and warranty issues are resolved quickly and effectively.

A Commitment to Being Green

On October 15, 2015 the Obama Administration recognized Daikin HVAC for its efforts to reduce pollution and Greenhouse gas emissions. Daikin continues to develop more energy efficient products and move away from harmful refrigerants toward more sustainable options.

Quiet Equipment Operation

Daikin equipment benefits from significant sound dampening efforts with compressors, blowers and all the other moving parts being quiet. The higher-end units are quieter than the budget Daikin models.

Variable Speed Blowers and Compressors

Daikin furnaces and air conditioners operate at more precise output levels than competitors. That’s because the leading equipment comes fitted with variable compressors, blowers and fans. The variable technology pumps away heat or produces it at different rates, allowing a system to function at less than 100 percent capacity when less is all that’s needed. This technology saves money and gives customers a smaller temperature range to enjoy.

Close-up of a Daikin HVAC unit.

An Expert at Variable Refrigerant Flow AC

Businesses all around the world are moving over to Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) units instead of traditional heating and cooling units. As a business owner it makes sense to stick with a supplier that really knows this technology well and there’s no company out there that knows VRF better than Daikin, the inventor of VRF technology.

Why Consider a VRF System?

A variable refrigerant flow unit allows a business to provide different levels of heating and cooling to several areas of a building at once. A single unit can offer a high amount of heat to an office room, less heat to the storage rooms and even cool some of the computer rooms to keep everything at optimal temperatures.

The systems are highly efficient and provide only the level of cooling or heating needed and nothing more. Not only is a VRF solution highly adjustable, it can be used to offer cooling and heating all at the same time. These units take up less space than ducted installations, and the pipes needed to carry refrigerant around the building are narrower and less intrusive than full-sized ducts. That’s why many companies are switching to VRF technology and why it makes sense to consider the technology over more traditional heating and cooling systems.

Excellent Warranty Coverage

While other manufacturers offer 5 or 10 year limited warranties, Daikin offers a 12 year unit replacement and 12 year parts limited warranty to its customers.

The Difference between Top End and Budget Daiken Models

There’s a major difference between budget and high-end Daikin model equipment. While each option is made from quality materials and designed to last, the lower-level models aren’t built to be as efficient or to come with as many beneficial features such as compatibility with Daikin’s ComfortNet control system.

Budget Models

  • Lower efficiency – Between 13 and 15 SEER for air conditioners and up to 15 SEER for heat pumps
  • Missing the added vibration and noise dampening, operates at higher volumes
  • Less adjustability, furnaces and air conditioners operate at high or low levels typically without much in the middle
  • Not compatible with ComfortNet control system
  • 80% efficiency furnaces don’t have unit replacement warranties
  • Furnaces have less efficient single stage gas valves for less precise heating
  • Budget heat pumps don’t operate efficiently in freezing outdoor temperatures

High End Models

  • High Efficiency – up to 24.5 SEER air conditioners and 21 SEER heat pumps
  • Quiet operation – sound levels down to 58 dba or about the same sound level as a dishwasher in the next room over.
  • variable speed compressor
  • ComfortNet advanced control system compatible
  • Top furnaces come with unit replacement warranty
  • Furnaces fitted with industry leading modulating gas valves for more precise heating
  • Leading Daikin heat pumps operate effectively down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit

Daikin Installation Contractors

Daikin carefully screens the contractors that it does business with and if you can locate a Daikin Comfort Service Pro in your area, you can rest-assured that they will offer you good service and a quality installation. These pros are bound by the Daikin comfort promise and will help keep your system up and running throughout its lifespan. It’s important to find a quality installer before you get started with a Daikin product, so you have someone to rely on to service and repair the equipment the whole time you have it.

As one of the largest HVAC companies in the world today, Daikin is a business that’s reliable. The company is known for making quality products, but as with anything you get what you pay for. The budget models don’t come with as many features and aren’t as efficient as the high-end models, even if they do have the Daikin name on them.


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