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York Air Conditioners

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York HVAC Units

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York Air Conditioning & HVAC  is known for being one of the largest heating and cooling suppliers in the world and offers quality products for heating or cooling a home or business, or for improving the air quality of a space. York offers a full range of heating and cooling products. The company doesn’t specialize in one or two different products like some brands do and instead takes its technology from one product and incorporates it into a wide range of products.

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York Air Conditioners

York offers two different families of split air conditioners to customers. There is the entry-level LX series that offers a variety of Energy Star models, and then there is the more upscale Affinity Series, which is the top of the line offered by York.

York Furnaces & Heating

Just like with air conditioners York offers two different series of gas furnaces. There is the LX series and the Affinity series. The Affinity furnaces come with added features that help them heat your home more precisely for improved comfort overall.

York Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are an efficient way to heat up or cool down a space by simply transferring heat from the air in one location to the air in another. York HVAC heat pumps come in two series and even the entry level LX series is Energy Star approved, but the Affinity series is known for quieter operation and even greater energy efficiency levels.

York Mini Split Systems

York HVAC offers a variety of mini split units to its customers. These energy efficient devices are technically heat pumps, and they can deliver both heating and cooling to a space. They are split into the LX and Affinity series, and each is known for being highly efficient for ductless heating and cooling.

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Quiet Drive Air Conditioners

Some of the top central ac systems sold at York are equipped with what is known as a QuietDrive comfort system. This advanced sound dampening feature makes for some of the quietest air conditioning units around and makes York air conditioners a suitable product for any environment where noise reduction is favored.

York Variable Speed Furnaces

York Affinity gas furnaces come equipped with variable speed blowers that provide more precise heating capabilities. These variable blowers help the units run more efficiently, and they allow the heater to keep your home exactly at the temperature you want.

The ClimaTrak Comfort System

York furnaces can help reduce humidity levels in your home at specific levels. This is known as the York ClimaTrak comfort system and it allows the furnace to provide quality air for your home based on your current climate. Very humid locations will benefit from reduced humidity, and less humid locations won’t be dried out as much.

York Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems

Both commercial establishments and homeowners of very large homes or multi-family units will be interested in York’s Variable Refrigerant Flow systems. The system makes it possible to deliver heat to different areas of a building at a variable rate so you can provide twice the heat to your living room as you’re pumping into your kitchen and even less into the storage rooms upstairs. By being able to deliver heat at a variable rate with this equipment it’s possible to heat and cool a home or business very efficiently. It’s rare that a building will need all the heat output delivered by a furnace, this technology uses only what is needed and nothing more.

Not only are these systems highly energy efficient, but they also take up less space than running ducts would. All the heat is delivered through piped refrigerant. The pipes don’t have to be large and can be run through most spaces without a problem. When you’re tight on space and are having difficulty making ducts fit into a floorplan, this could be just the heating and cooling solution for your business or home.

Variable refrigerant flow systems also make it possible to cool some rooms while heating others. Imagine that you have a server room that generates a tremendous amount of heat throughout the day. The unit could cool down that room while warming up the other offices and the warehouse in your building to keep everything at a comfortable temperature.

York HVAC is a reputable brand, and the company has some advanced technologies that aren’t offered by many other manufacturers. Things like the QuietDrive and the Variable Refrigerant Flow systems really help to separate this provider from others.

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