Home Solar Ideas & Information for Homeowners

Most home improvement projects, including solar panel installation, are started and completed during the spring or fall seasons—when the weather is more comfortable and predictable. As homeowners watch their utility bills steadily rise when the winter months give way to spring, solar paneling for homes becomes especially enticing. In California, for example, electricity usage is about 50 percent higher in… Read more
Comparing contractor quotes is an important step in the journey to increase the value of your home with solar panels. A recent Modernize survey revealed 63 percent of homeowners compare three to four contractor estimates ahead of a home improvement project. Evaluating multiple solar panel quotes helps homeowners scope their budget and encourages contractors to be competitive with their pricing,… Read more
Whether your goal is to save money on utility bills or increase your property value, solar panels are a worthy investment for your home. Finding a reliable and trustworthy solar installer is your first step in powering your home with solar energy. A knowledgeable contractor will help guide you through the process and ensure that you maximize both the immediate benefits… Read more
Powering your home with solar energy is a worthwhile, but significant, investment. As you vet and select the best solar energy contractor for your project, it is important to understand and discuss all the factors that affect the overall cost of your solar paneling and the return you should expect on your investment. To make sure your project is as… Read more
Sunshine is essential for solar energy, which is why it’s no surprise California is the number one state for solar, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. The Golden State is home to five of the top 10 solar cities in the country, including Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Jose. It is a state-wide initiative to run on 33… Read more
Whether you want to water your lawn, light up your home, or gas up your car, using energy is a must. The energy you use determines the bills you pay at the end of the month. If you are like most homeowners, you’ve probably thought “How do I lower my utility bills?” One way to do so is by making… Read more
No matter how many times you’ve taken on a renovation project, the beginning can seem daunting. Below are ten tips that will help you complete your project successfully, whether you’re a first-timer or a renovation pro. If you want more information on specific projects like solar, windows, roofing or HVAC click those links for full buying guides. 1. Plan Ahead… Read more
      Improving your home’s energy efficiency is a smart move. High-performance appliances and materials can significantly reduce your energy bills and fuel costs, making these improvements high on ROI. However, some projects have more to offer than others. Choosing an energy-efficient project requires some research, since you want to make sure your improvement makes sense economically. Additionally, it’s helpful to… Read more
Home Improvement Financing Options It’s no secret that home improvement can be expensive. Depending on the type of project you’re trying to accomplish, your job could easily run five figures or more. On the more affordable side of the spectrum are simple, inexpensive projects like a new entry door or new garage door replacement, both of which average under $3,500,… Read more
If you’re considering a solar panel installation for your home, you’re in luck. Costs for solar hardware have dropped by as much as 60% since 2010, meaning that solar is more affordable than ever. Using the energy generated by their systems, many homeowners are able to significantly reduce or even offset their utility bills, meaning that solar panels will eventually… Read more

Power your home with solar energy

So you’re designing your green dream home, and you’ve made plans for every energy-efficient feature possible — low-E windows, EnergyStar appliances, and a smart thermostat, to name a few. Just don’t forget about solar panels. In the last decade, solar energy features on homes has become much more commonplace and affordable, likely because homeowners are catching on to the benefits (reducing or possibly even eliminating your electric bill all together).