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solar panels on woodsy home Calculating Return on Investment for Solar Panels
Did the quote for your solar energy system just make your heart skip a beat? It’s no wonder—in some cases, the price for new PV unit can cost as much as a brand-new luxury car! But unlike a fancy new sports car, solar panels return your initial investment over time. The energy you offset with your new system can more Continue Reading
solar infra systems space heater Using a Solar Garage Heater
Your garage may be your sanctuary when you need to get away from it all, but if it’s cold and dreary outside, it’s not fit for even the toughest constitutions. That’s when a little supplemental heat from a portable space heater can really make all the difference, especially for outdoor spaces that only get used occasionally. Unfortunately, space heaters don’t exactly have the Continue Reading
Garden pond with lights The Benefits of Using a Solar Water Pump in Your Garden
Whether it’s the calming burble of a Zen-inspired water fountain or the showy spray of a three-tiered waterfall, a water feature adds a special touch to any garden or outdoor area. Water features can make cramped gardens seem lush and spacious—and cut back on mowing and trimming maintenance. Plus, adding a fountain to your pond or pool has sound reduction Continue Reading
green contemporary living room Pantone Released Their 2017 Color of the Year and It’s Perfect for Your Green Home
Each year the color gods at Pantone release their color of the year and, in one fell swoop, collectively dictate our chromatic futures for the next twelve months. This year, the color is Greenery, a bright, green tone that captures the hues of a lush field of grass during the first rites of spring. Pantone describes it as “nature’s neutral,” a Continue Reading
An electric car in charging on the street What’s The Best Way to Charge Your EV or Plug-In? Can You Use Solar?
Charging your plug-in or EV to a standard 120-volt electricity outlet is as easy as charging your smartphone. Using the charging cord that comes with the car, you simply plug in your car, come back several hours later—or the next morning—unplug your car, and drive off. There are many advantages of this “Level 1” charging. It’s easy. It requires no additional Continue Reading
mounted powerwall What You Need to Know About Tesla’s Powerwall
Could your home one day become a mini power plant? By all predictions, home energy is undergoing a real revolution. Advances in solar could one day allow households to operate virtually independent from the energy grid, generating and storing all the energy they need for themselves. However, if that’s ever going to happen, solar storage systems are going to have Continue Reading
installing solar panels Do Certain Roof Surfaces Increase Solar Potential?
Ready to hit the button on solar? You might want to think about replacing your roof, too. A lot of homeowners find themselves contemplating a roof replacement when they go solar. After all, it only makes sense to get your roof in great shape before you slap panels over it. And that way, you won’t have to pay to remove Continue Reading
Solar Panel on a Old Roof How the FHA’s Energy Improvement Loans Can Help You Afford Solar
If you’ve done some research on solar, the cost of equipment alone may have you thinking that renewable energy is too rich for your blood. You’re not alone. The average American has less than $1,000 saved up, meaning that a hefty $25,000 system price tag is a lot more than most homeowners can afford to pay up front. But where Continue Reading
solar panels on mountainous home What You Need to Know About Residential PACE Financing for Solar
Ready to pick up the “pace” on your solar project? If you’ve been reading up on your lending options for a renewable energy system, you may have seen sites throwing around the words “PACE financing.” Property assessed clean energy, or PACE, is a payment structure initiated by the federal government that allows local municipalities to issue loans for energy efficiency Continue Reading
solar panels and sky Solar Trends to Look Out for in 2017
2017’s shaping up to be an interesting year for the solar industry. Predictions show more growth and lowered prices overall, despite expected pressure from utilities and government agencies in the coming months. The technology should also continue to improve, making full-service, independent solar energy systems more efficient and attractive. Let’s take a look at what’s in store for residential solar Continue Reading

Power your home with solar energy

So you’re designing your green dream home, and you’ve made plans for every energy-efficient feature possible — low-E windows, EnergyStar appliances, and a smart thermostat, to name a few. Just don’t forget about solar panels. In the last decade, solar energy features on homes has become much more commonplace and affordable, likely because homeowners are catching on to the benefits (reducing or possibly even eliminating your electric bill all together).

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