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solar ev charging station Using Your Solar Panel Array to Power an Electric Vehicle
Solar and electric vehicles go together like peanut butter and jelly? That’s what Tesla’s investors and many other heavy-hitters in the energy business believe. They call EVs “the gateway drug to solar.” It’s actually a pretty common idea—owing mostly to the popularity of solar among electric vehicle owners. In fact, a study commissioned by Ford found that EV drivers vastly Continue Reading
Tesla solar roof Everything You Want to Know about SolarCity’s New Roof Tiles
Don’t look now, but Tesla’s SolarCity may have just changed the game for residential solar. Their new roofing tiles, announced this October, mark the beginning of consumer integrated photovoltaics—in other words, the integration of solar power-generating surfaces into everyday building materials. Experts and futurists have long been predicting that we’d start seeing a surfeit of solar-enabled surfaces—roads, windows, roofs, and Continue Reading
solar panels on roof What is a Sun Number Score When It Comes to Solar Panels?
If you’re thinking of buying a home, what are some things that you look for? Or if you recently purchased a home (congratulations!), what were the factors that made your home more attractive than others on the market? For many people, the potential of their home—in addition to its location or price—is one of the reasons they purchased it. Whether Continue Reading
snowy solar panels What Are the Best Solar Panels for Colder Climates?
Live in a climate with cold winters? Then you might think that solar is out of your reach—after all, it works best in the sun right? Well, not necessarily. Research shows that solar panels actually harvest energy more efficiently in chillier weather. Furthermore, when there’s snow on the ground, your solar output may even improve. The snowy surfaces reflect light Continue Reading
solar hot water heater Issues that May Arise with a Solar Hot Water Heater and How to Address Them
Once you saw the savings from your solar hot water heater, you started singing its praises from the rooftop. But like any appliance, your system needs a little regular TLC to perform its very best—and to avoid problems down the line. Issues with solar hot water heaters can have some grave consequences indeed—this is your roof we’re talking about here. Continue Reading
solar-rural-home Solar Array Tilt Angle: What You Need to Know
Just like a fingerprint, each home’s solar production is unique. The amount of energy you’ll generate when you install a solar energy system represents a complicated formula that involves your home’s latitude and the climate around you, as well as the orientation and design of your roof. The angle of your roof’s tilt angle, in particular, plays a pretty big Continue Reading
contractor-on-rotting-leaky-roof Do Solar Contractors Cover Damages to Roof During Installation?
One thing’s for sure, a lot of people are catching solar fever. Experts predict that residential installations will multiply exponentially from 16.0 GW in 2016 to 121.2 GW in 2025. That’s great news for the environment, but potentially bad news for your roof—especially if your solar installer is something of a PV newbie. An inexperienced contractor could potentially leave you Continue Reading
outdoor solar light How Far Apart Should Solar Path Lights Be Spaced?
Solar landscape lighting comes with tons of perks. With no requirement for wiring or outlets, they definitely make outdoor lighting a whole lot simpler. Plus, since they’re entirely powered by the sun, they provide a small electricity savings compared to electrical lights. Adding pathway lights helps prevent accidental falls and increases your home’s curbside appeal—that’s a lot of benefits for Continue Reading
installing solar panels The Pros and Cons of Buying Out a PPA for Solar
Price of solar energy systems got you down? A power purchase agreement—otherwise known as a PPA—offers a powerful alternative to afford solar equipment. In these arrangements, homeowners allow a third party company to install a solar energy system on their property. The cost of installation and the maintenance falls to this company, rather than the homeowner. In exchange, they forfeit Continue Reading
blue-cheerful-home How to Get Your Home Certified as Energy Efficient
When it’s time to sell your home, how can you get it certified as energy efficient in order to increase your home’s value? There are a wide variety of certification programs available, and some are better than others. Here are four that have meaningful standards and a national reputation, and—most importantly—can add value to your home. LEED Program for Homes LEED standards Continue Reading

Power your home with solar energy

So you’re designing your green dream home, and you’ve made plans for every energy-efficient feature possible — low-E windows, EnergyStar appliances, and a smart thermostat, to name a few. Just don’t forget about solar panels. In the last decade, solar energy features on homes has become much more commonplace and affordable, likely because homeowners are catching on to the benefits (reducing or possibly even eliminating your electric bill all together).

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