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Bathroom Remodel

Glass Shower Door Replacement

Average cost range:

$325 - $600

The average cost to replace a glass shower door is between $325 and $600, with a national average installation cost of $425. Homeowners can save money by replacing only the shower door rather than doing a full shower replacement. The overall cost of the project depends on the type of shower door you are installing, glass type, and cost of labor and installation in your area.

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Redesigning your bathroom can be an exciting chance to upgrade the look and feel of the space and an opportunity to increase your home’s return on investment. Sometimes, even just a quick, isolated fix can provide major enhancements to your bathroom without breaking the bank. A perfect example is elevating your bathroom’s shower simply by replacing the glass shower door. Whether the replacement is purely for aesthetic reasons or because something is damaged, replacing a shower door is a great way to switch things up.

In this guide to glass shower door replacements, we will cover how to know if your shower door needs to be replaced or repaired, the average cost of this project, different shower door options, and more.

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Does Your Shower Need a Glass Door Replacement?

Generally speaking, a glass shower door can last up to 30 years if properly maintained. But even if it has not been 30 years since installation, you may consider a glass shower door replacement for the following reasons.

Damage or Wear and Tear

The most urgent reason homeowners consider replacing their shower door is because the existing glass shower door is damaged or broken. The glass door may have cracked or shattered, or the door may be older and showing wear and tear. These are signs it is time to consider replacing your shower door.

Home Value and Comfort

Even if a glass shower door is still relatively intact, a homeowner may look into a shower door installation to boost the home’s functionality and resale value. For instance, if a bathroom features a plastic shower curtain, installing glass shower doors can give your bathroom a modern and more open look, add light, and give users more space within the enclosure.

Glass Shower Door Replacement

Gives homeowners the option to elevate the look and feel of their shower without undergoing a full shower replacement

  • Can increase the lifespan of your shower

  • Can improve home resale value

  • Modernizes your bathroom look and feel

  • Multiple door choices available

Can Glass Shower Doors Be Repaired?

Repairing a broken or damaged shower door can be an option, depending on the severity of the problem.

For instance, a professional may be able to repair a small crack in the glass without justifying a full shower replacement. Other issues that can often be repaired instead of replaced include corroded shower door frames, leaky water seals around the frames, stains and discoloration on the glass.

But recurring leaks, severe cracks and significant frame corrosion are not as easily fixed and will call for a replacement instead. When in doubt, it is always best to assess the damage and discuss your options with a professional bathroom contractor to understand how to move forward with the shower door issue.

Average Cost to Replace a Glass Shower Door

The cost to replace a glass shower door can range between $325 and $600. The price of the project will vary depending on the type of door you are installing, the size of the shower enclosure, and the type of glass being used.

That said, the average cost for homes in the U.S. is $425 for the shower door replacement only. This average price includes the cost of both materials and professional labor.

Shower Door Replacement

Average Installation Cost $325- $600

Cost Breakdown

  • Materials 90%
  • Labor 10%

Keep in mind, however, that this is a national average for all types of glass shower doors. Some types may be more expensive to install than others. The most inexpensive type of shower door to install are sliding glass doors, while the most expensive are usually frameless glass shower doors.

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Project Cost By Shower Door Type

The type of shower door you are installing will impact the scale of work and the price of the project for your bathroom renovation. When it comes to materials, a good rule of thumb is that the thicker or bigger the glass shower door, the more expensive things can become.

Glass Types

The type of glass treatments and textures you opt for can also raise the price of your shower door replacement. This is because treated doors — such as frosted glass — require high quality clear glass as the base material. Etched glass, which has a more polished final look, also costs more than traditionally sandblasted glass.

Homeowners that opt for frosted glass say the price tag can be justified because of its polished look and the fact that the panels are easier to clean without streaks. But this comes down to personal preference and budgeting.

Frame Types

As far as shower door frame styles go, here’s a quick overview of the most common styles available and how the price points vary:

  • A frameless shower door uses the thickest glass and has a seamless, open look. They can start at around $500 to install. Pricing depends on customizations and glass types.
  • A semi-frameless shower door comes with a similar sleek, refined look as frameless showers but includes minimal framing. These frames often better accommodate more layout options and smaller budgets. These doors start at around $400 to install.
  • The framed shower enclosure is a more traditional and budget-friendly option that uses a strong framework to add clean lines and support. Options may include sliding and swinging or pivoting glass shower doors. These doors start at around $325 to install.

Glass Door Replacement vs. Replacing the Whole Shower

Replacing just a shower door rather than an entire enclosure should be a simple task when it comes to the installation portion. In turn, it should cost less money than embarking on a whole shower replacement. But, there are caveats.

shower remodel

Typically, a shower door replacement usually ranges in price from $325 to $600 (though there are outliers as detailed earlier). Replacing the entire shower can cost as much as several thousands of dollars. So opting to swap out just the glass door can save you hundreds of dollars while still adding a new modern touch to the space.

However, if the glass door you are seeking to replace has specific, older hardware or a unique, custom size, it may be a trickier task than you initially anticipated. Also keep in mind that choosing to replace the whole shower can add more significant resale value to your home, as well as repair any plumbing issues that can result from older shower enclosures.

Modernize recommends speaking with a contractor — and if applicable for a replacement, the bathroom’s original contractor — to better understand the scope and price of the job.

Additional Shower Remodel Costs

As a shower door replacement is planned, it’s not uncommon to consider additional bathroom renovations — either by necessity or for more cosmetic improvements.

Here’s an overview of the type of projects typically associated with shower door remodeling and how much those projects can cost.

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Tile replacement

The average cost to retile a bathroom is around $2,000, though the range can vary greatly depending on square footage and type of tile. For example, it will be more affordable to replace tiles in the shower or for a small backsplash area, while a tile flooring renovation will be more expensive.

Showerhead replacement

Many homeowners will opt to swap out their old shower head for a newer, more modern one during a shower remodel of any scale. Adding a new shower head can increase water pressure and give your shower a contemporary look. A showerhead replacement can cost between $20 and $200 including installation, depending on the type of shower head and its features.

Replacing shower fixtures

You also may want to install new shower door handles, plumbing fixtures, grab bars, or even a built-in storage space inside the shower. The cost to replace shower fixtures varies greatly depending on the type of fixture you are considering. For example, shower door handles can cost anywhere from $40 to $400, and grab bars cost an average of $50 per bar.

Replacing shower frames and seals

Over the years, you may notice that a shower door leaks water upon entering or exiting. This is a sign that your shower door or frames needs to be resealed. It typically costs about $100 for simple resealing and caulking work. The price can vary depending on the scope of the project.

Shower drain replacement

If you have had your shower a long time, you may notice that the shower pools up with water, or that the shower drain is damaged. It is always a good idea to have your bathroom contractor inspect the shower drain during any shower remodel work to check for damage or plumbing issues that can cause further home damage. Replacing a shower drain will cost around $70 on average. But be sure to get an estimate from your contractor for accuracy.

Hiring a Shower Door Replacement Contractor

Many homeowners wonder whether or not they can handle a glass shower door replacement on their own. When it comes to deciding if your shower door replacement is a DIY situation or not, it’s important to think about safety.

A glass shower door replacement is a fragile and delicate job. The materials are easy to chip and crack. A poor installation job can lead to accumulating damage, leaks and mold down the line – which can all be very costly to fix.

Modernize recommends recruiting a trusted, licensed contractor to help with your remodeling needs. You can use our contractor checklist to find the right contractor for the job, or explore our network of reliable and trustworthy contractors in your area.