COVID-19 news and updates change quickly and frequently. Some of the information in this article may soon be out of date. We will do our best to keep details updated during this challenging time. The article below reflects information as of April 3, 2020. 

The essential safety measures in place for COVID-19 have disrupted businesses and industries on a global scale, but many U.S. contractors are finding innovative ways to meet homeowner demand. In our most recent survey, nearly 40 percent of homeowners indicated they would meet virtually with a contractor during the COVID-19 crisis. The home improvement industry is pivoting to leverage virtual tools and develop demos during this time of self-distancing. 

In this article, we provide virtual demo tips for running a digital demonstration and homeowner appointment: 

Prepare your presentation with tools to display on your virtual appointment

Like students, homeowners process information in different ways. There are visual learners and verbal learners. Balance your virtual presentation with displayed materials and an engaging script. 

Digital tools, like Google Slides and PowerPoint, allow you to add your script into specific “note” areas. This will help make for a seamless presentation. 

Make sure your presentation —visually and verbally— explains your brand. Confidence is key to sell your business to new clients. Remaining poised and self-assured in your conversation will evoke trust, even over a screen. Remember who you are, what you represent, and why your services are the best around. 

Adapt to technology and prepare for hiccups

The biggest challenge with virtual appointments and demonstrations is adapting to technology. 

You might experience: 

  • A low-resolution or choppy video connection
  • A weak WiFi connection
  • The call or video connection may drop unexpectedly
  • The homeowner may need to abruptly leave the call to handle an emergency with a pet or family member. 

To be proactive, plan for these unpredictable scenarios. Ahead of your appointment —or at the beginning of the demo— confirm the homeowner’s contact information and what happens if you are disconnected. Try: “Technology can be challenging. If we get disconnected, I will immediately try to reconnect and call you back.” 

By planning ahead and training for these frustrating scenarios, you will continue to appear professional, patient, and skilled. 

Navigate the conversation with the homeowner top of mind

When kicking off the virtual call, take a few minutes to be candid and learn about the homeowner. 

During this crisis, everyone is reshaping how to navigate even the most simple, routine tasks. Homeowners will also expect you to work differently in this new climate.

Do not be alarmed if the homeowner is a little impatient or stressed, especially if they are dealing with an unexpected repair or emergency. Recognize their situation by being incredibly empathetic during this time. Let them vent. It is advantageous to remain steady, reassuring, and calm. By creating assurance and building trust early, you will form a great working relationship. This will ultimately increase your chances to be selected from the project, receive a glowing review, and future referrals. 

When the homeowner is ready to begin the demonstration, stick to your script. Communicate everything as thoroughly as you would in person. Your expertise and confidence will help empower and ease the homeowner. 

Clearly communicate each step of the project process, and cover all new procedures created during COVID-19. Share your hands-free, COVID-19 process— and how you will keep yourself, your team, and the homeowner safe. 

You may need the homeowner to provide pictures or measurements to you. Be prepared for questions on how to measure. You may create a resource or checklist that helps instruct them to gather the information you need. And always, be patient. This will continue to build trust with the homeowner.

Your expertise will shine while we self-distance, using these tips above. Remember, fostering a relationship with your homeowner will help build trust. This provides the greatest opportunity for getting selected as the best professional for their project. 

We are all navigating this uncertain time together. Contact us if you would like to learn more about how we are helping our homeowners and contractors.

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