As a local solar provider, how do you stay relevant when competing with larger firms moving into the area? The industry is competitive, but you can use a few effective strategies as a local provider. When designing your solar sales strategies, make sure you leverage your strengths and evaluate your value proposition. 

Consider these proven tips to build a competing sales strategy for solar businesses, helping you dominate the local industry: 

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Educate Your Homeowner

Personalized services improve customer satisfaction and help you stand out from other providers in the industry. When each customer sees that you have their best interests in mind, they are confident and comfortable with your services. 

One of the most significant advantages you have as a local business is providing the one-on-one education that customers do not get from larger providers. For example, as a local provider, you can talk to homeowners about their state’s incentives. You can also discuss the potential increase in their home value based on the local retail market, showing the overall financial benefits of investing in solar installation.   

Build Trust with Your Homeowners 

Modernize’s co-founder, Chris Pallatroni, said it best: Trust is always the priority when hiring a contractor – even more than price and reputation.”  

For many homeowners, trust and quality are the highest priorities when choosing a home contractor. You have the advantage of knowing the local language, homeowner priorities, and other nuances that affect the overall outcome of available services. As a smaller company, you are more sensitive to community needs and can tap into homeowner requests more effectively.  

Being sensitive to your community needs will help you establish a more substantial reputation and build trust. As a local solar provider, it is easier for you to create a personalized relationship with homeowners than the corporate methods enterprise businesses must follow. Over time, these customized efforts add up to significant results. 

Invest in Your Community

Since you are local, you have the advantage of building a network of business contacts in the area. These partnerships and relationships help you stand out and highlight your local services compared to a large company’s impersonal offerings. The goal is to build authentic relationships with other businesses, which naturally leads to referrals and connections that help your business grow. Offering value to the community has a positive impact on everyone involved. 

Here are a few effective strategies to help you build a local network: 

  • Partnering with other contractors in the construction industry 
  • Working with local restaurants and service providers 
  • Creating a referral program and local discounts 

Many homeowners are interested in supporting local businesses. Put in the work to build your local network and build quality relationships, and it will pay off to bring in more contracts in the future. 

Solar Sales Strategies and Lead Generation 

When you establish a strong, local brand for your company, lead generation and sales become more manageableHomeowners are familiar with your brand, making it more likely that they will move forward with your services. Focus your marketing efforts on your unique value proposition to help each homeowner see why your services are excellent investment. 

Not only do these solar sales strategies help you connect with new homeowners. But an effective system makes it easier to close the deal – turning leads into paying customers. Your reputation and brand are your most valuable assets, helping customers feel comfortable moving forward with the project because of the quality of services you are offering. 

If you need help with lead generation, then Modernize is here to assist. We have dialed in the best systems to connect interested homeowners with local contractors like you. Reach out to our team to learn more about available services. 

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