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6 Ways to Decorate a Covered Patio on the Cheap

Sunny days, bright blue skies, and balmy temperatures lure people outside every summer. If you plan to do any lounging, entertaining, or dining outdoors on your backyard patio, then perhaps it’s time to turn up the volume regarding both decor and style. Tight budget? No problem. Work with what you already have and incorporate inexpensive decor along the way. From stylish verandas and trendy terraces, to covered patios and porches, try these simple and easy outdoor decorating ideas to beautify virtually any backyard space on the cheap.

A fantastic outdoor space with a pool

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Plant fresh blooms

What’s a backyard patio without colorful, potted blooms to welcome your guests and create a delightful ambiance? Highlight your green thumb by arranging a variety of pretty potted plants on a baker’s rack, etagere, or directly on the corners of the patio. Place them on the higher shelves if possible to ensure they get plenty of sunlight as well as help add personality to wall space. Hanging plants are also a fantastic option.


Add an outdoor rug

Nothing completes a room like a stylish rug whether you’re decorating indoors or out. A rug offers a homey, cozy touch when used in an outdoor covered patio setting to really it make feel like an extension of your home. Just be sure that it’s both waterproof and mold resistant to keep it looking great for many years to come. Pick one that complements your existing colors and style.

Create a faux wall

Depending on which way your patio faces, at times it may be necessary to keep the glaring rays of the sun blocked from the side for greater comfort. Consider creating your own faux wall by making a wall of curtains from fabric. Simply hang it with ring clips and pull whenever necessary to block the intensity of the sun. Use fabric that contrasts to the rest of your existing décor for a bold, modern look. You can even make outdoor pillows to match for a true high-end design.

Jazz up a boring table

Like to eat outdoors on a warm summer evening? Turn your boring outdoor dining table into a tropical island work-of-art. Use a hot glue gun to attach a variety of sea shells around the table for a genuine beachy look. Create a peaceful oceanic tablescape by filling clear vases with sand, shells, starfish, or colorful beach glass with candles on top for a more intimate, romantic setting at night.

covered patio

Add touches of light

Without the right lighting, no one will see your beautiful outdoor space. An outdoor living room needs light just like the indoors. Use simple wire basket planters in various sizes and hang them from your covered patio at night using either candles or direct lighting (a project for the more advanced DIYer) for just the right luminescent touch for a long night of fun and laughter.

Refurbish your favorite chairs

What are you going to do with those old dining room chairs collecting dust in the attic? Why not pull them out, clean them up, give them a fresh coat of cheerful-colored paint, and weatherproof them. Not only will they provide extra outdoor seating for your guests, they’ll add whimsy to the space and brighten the entire area.

Use these inexpensive and easy-to-do projects to decorate your lovely outdoor patio or porch into a place you can’t resist all summer long.

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