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HEIL Air Conditioners

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HEIL Air Conditioner Brand Review

HEIL air conditioners are a reliable AC unit brand. They offer units for almost every home type. HEIL has you covered whether you need smaller air conditioning units or the ability to heat and cool a large home with energy efficient and low sound output options. They also offer advanced AC models with HEIL Smart Sense technology which allows you to control your home’s cooling needs from virtually anywhere. HEIL also offers a very competitive warranty allowing you to feel comfortable investing in this HVAC brand. They are also manufactured by the more common AC brand Carrier, which gives their reputation a boost in terms of confidence in quality.

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HEIL Air Conditioner Prices

The price for a new HEIL air conditioner unit can range from $3,562 to $4,465 in installation costs. Your total cost to replace an air conditioner will depend on the size in tons of the air conditioning system needed for your home and the SEER energy efficiency rating wanted. Read about AC unit costs and average installation prices by size and model number below.

HEIL AC Unit Prices by Size

The price of a new HEIL air conditioner installation will vary depending on the model you choose, energy efficiency desired, sound level, and if you choose a model with more advanced smart home HVAC technologies. However, the general size of your new AC unit is represented in TONs, you will want your local HVAC contractor to find the perfect size for your air conditioner depending on specifics to your home. So if you wanted a 2.5 ton HEIL air conditioning unit it would cost around $3,370 to install, leaving room for added costs with the cost factors discussed above. This would be a good fit for a 1300 to 1600 square foot home. See full list of costs by size below:

HEIL AC Unit Costs by Size
HEIL AC SizeHome Square Ft.Installation CostAC Unit Cost
1.5 TON600 - 1000$3,105$895
2 TON1000 - 1300$3,275$950
2.5 TON1300 - 1600$3,350$1,026
3 TON1600 - 1900$3,522$1,275
3.5 TON1900 - 2200$3,768$1,388
4 TON2200 - 2600$3,998$1,750
5 TON2600 - 3200$4,575$2,055

HEIL Air Conditioner Installation Costs

If you were looking to replace your current AC unit with a mid tier priced 16 SEER energy efficient HEIL Quiet Comfort HSA6 you could expect to pay around $4,489 in installation costs. See the list of prices by HEIL AC models below:

HEIL AC Unit Costs
HEIL AC ModelsEnergy EfficiencyInstallation CostsAC Unit Only Cost
Deluxe 19 HVA9 Smart Sense19 SEER$6,100$3,072
Deluxe 17 HCA717 SEER$4,922$2,522
Quiet Comfort HSA6 1616 SEER$4,489$2,487
Quiet Comfort HXA6 1614 SEER$4,335$2,235
Quiet Comfort HSA515 SEER$4,108$1,988
Quiet Comfort H4A313 SEER$3,992$1,825
Performance N4A717 SEER$4,025$1,802
Performance N4A616 SEER$3,899$1,698
Performance N4A514 SEER$3,675$1,524
Performance NXA414 SEER$3,888$1,536
Performance N4A313 SEER$3,492$1,484

HEIL offers quite a few models from their AC unit series. They have their more affordable options in the Performance series, a mid tier price option in the Quiet Comfort series, and then their top HVAC systems in the HEIL Deluxe Series which comes with the Smart Sense technology which has a high energy efficiency and smart home technology for full control of your heating and cooling needs.

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HEIL HVAC Warranty

HEIL’s products come with extremely desirable warranties compared to some of their comparable competitors in the air conditioning world. The offer a No Hassle Replacement Limited warranty that covers a replacement AC unit should your compressor, coil, or heat exchanger fail you while your warranty is still valid. The warranty you can expect will depend on what quality tier of AC unit you install. See the breakdown below:

  • Heil Performance Series AC units – 1 to 3 year warranty
  • HEIL Quiet Comfort Series AC units – 5 year warranty
  • HEIL Deluxe Series AC units – 10 year warranty

HEIL AC Installers Near You

HEIL air conditioners are a reputable brand in the HVAC industry even though they are less heard of then their sister brands such as Carrier or Day & Night. You’ll want to talk to a reliable local air conditioner contractor to make sure they have experience installing HEIL AC units or that they are confident they can replace your AC unit with a new HEIL air conditioning system without fail. Get estimates from up to four local AC installers today, they will be able to recommend the best HEIL AC unit for your home or offer insight into other brands that they install as well.

HEIL vs. Other Brands

HEIL is a brand that isn’t as often talked about as its competitors. However, it’s manufactured under the same standards as its sister company Carrier, which is a well know best brand in the industry. Cost wise it could be considered a mid tier option, but offers more affordable AC units as well to fit most budgets. See a list of average costs among top brands below.

Central Air Conditioner Best Brands by Cost
Air Conditioner Brands:Average Unit Cost:SEER Rating:
American Standard$3,65616.8