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Window Replacement
Contractors in Delaware

Windows State Buying Guide for Delaware

Having new windows installed in your residential or commercial business adds instant exterior appeal. New windows also help regulate the interior of the property for better energy efficienct windows. To ensure you cover all the bases in purchasing the appropriate windows for your property, this windows buying guide will help point you in the right direction.

Considerations for Installing New Windows in Delaware

With this handy list, you can easily check the areas applicable to your new window installation:

  • Permits
  • Contractors
  • Climate
  • Glazing
  • Selecting windows
  • Selecting frames
  • Financing
  • Resources
  • Preparation

Window Permit Requirements for Delaware

States and cities have individual requirements when it comes to requiring a permit. For the majority of home renovations, a permit is required. An exception for windows is unless the current size of the opening is being changed or new windows are being added to a new room addition, a permit is not required. But, city codes and regulations must be adhered to.

Before starting a new installation project, even if you’re just replacing old with new and no structural changes are being made, take the time to check with the building division for your city. Speak with a customer service representative explaining exactly what the project entails to get an official “yes” or “no” regarding permit requirements.

Hiring Window Contractors in Delaware

Any time you have a home improvement project to complete, using the services of a professional contractor is your best option. A licensed contractor has the experience to do the installation properly from start to finish. A contractor will also know how to take care of any unexpected problems that may arise during the installation.

It is recommended to ask for estimates from at least three licensed and insured contractors so you can compare the pricing, start date, time to complete the project, and their warranty coverage for labor and installation.

It’s also a good idea to check with your local Better Business Bureau for any past history of problems, complaints, or legal actions filed against the contractor. Another resource for checking out potential contractors is with the State of Delaware’s licensing department. Using the name and license number of the contractor, you can do a search using the free online search tool at the state’s website.

Delaware’s Climate Considerations

When choosing window and frame types, one of the things to take into consideration is Delaware’s climate. You’ll want framing that holds up to the weather conditions of the state. Overall, Delaware receives approximately 45 inches of rain each year. The U.S. average is 37 inches per year. Snowfall is better with the state averaging 15 inches per year as compared to the U.S. average of 25 annual inches of snowfall. Temperature highs average 86 degrees in the summer and a low of 25 degrees in winter. Discuss the different type of frame materials and the glazing options of windowpanes with your contractor to determine which type will work best on your home or business.

Window Glazing Options for Delaware

There are three standard glazing options to consider when selecting your new windows.

A triple pane window provides the most coverage, meaning, it can hold up to the elements better than single or double-pane glazing. Triple-glazing is recommended for colder climates. The triple-glazing process promotes energy efficiency because of the ability to do an excellent job regulating a property’s interior throughout every season. Triple-glazed panes are also excellent in working as a buffer for loud noises. The triple-glazing process helps maintain temperature control which leads to better energy efficiency making the process cost effective.

Double-paned windows work with a specialized gas that is inserted between the two panes of glass. This process is also energy efficient.

Single-pane glass is usually found in workshops, sheds, garages, or other work/storage areas versus living or working areas. Single panes will keep out the elements but are not as capable of maintaining interior temperatures which makes single panes not energy efficient nor cost effective.

Selecting Windows Types in Delaware

Whether you’re updating the look of your property, choosing to install windows that are more energy efficient, or choosing windows for a new addition, there are many styles available.

  • Bay windows add a feeling of nostalgia and elegance for the beautiful architecture of the past. A bay window provides a place to sit and relax in cushioned seating aligned with the window allowing optimum viewing of the scenery and landscape outside.
  • Box windows make a visual statement with between 3 to 5 windows perfectly aligned side by side.
  • Double hung windows are a traditional window type that allows the opening of the top and bottom sash.
  • French casement windows are a beautiful addition to the home. Available in many styles, these windows open outward.
  • Picture windows allow the beauty of the outdoors to become part of the interior. This window type features one large pane of glass providing clear views of the changing seasons.
  • Arch or elliptical windows are used for decorative purposes.

Choosing Window Frame Types in Delaware

Just like the window glazing is important due to the climate in Delaware, so, too, is the selection of window frames. While you may like one over the other, some frame types work better in different regions than others. Talk with your contractor or sales person about which type has the best life span for your city.

  • Aluminum frames are lightweight but durable. Because of the material, little maintenance is required such as painting or replacing due to water-causing wood rot.
  • Composite frames are a blend of several materials which make the frames very sturdy in construction. The combined composite materials are moisture resistant which helps eliminate decaying wood.
  • Fiberglass frames are one of the most popular due to the versatility of the frame’s construction which results in tubes that can be filled with insulation resulting in better energy efficiency. Fiberglass frames are also durable.
  • Vinyl frames remain high on the list as a property owner favorite. Vinyl frames require minimal maintenance, resist moisture, durable, and do not need to be painted.
  • Wood frames have a distinctive, rustic look which is eye appealing but the material is problematic in areas that experience rain, sleet, ice and snow due to the wood allowing moisture seepage. The retention of the moisture leads to the deterioration of the wood through rotting and decay. A workaround to this problem is adding aluminum or vinyl cladding to the wood frame to help reduce moisture and maintenance issues.

Financing New Windows in Delaware

A complete set of new windows can be expensive depending on the style, glazing options, frames, and the number of windows needed for the property. With this free cost calculator, find out how much new windows will cost.

There are several options available for financing from private installment loans to a home equity loan. If you have the cash available, a good option is to open a savings account with the funds then take out a secured loan against the savings. You’ll make monthly payments in essence, to yourself. At the end of the loan term, if you’ve made all the payments, the money you initially used to secure the loan is free and clear for your use. Once the first payment is made, it is up to you to pay off the amount each month so you’ll have your savings back, or you can make as few or as many payments as you like because the bank will deduct the payment from your account. It is a win-win situation and a better option than putting the bill on a credit card or paying high interest on a traditional loan.

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Window Resources in Delaware

The following websites have information or listings for programs available through the federal government and for state-based programs. These include grants, rebates, incentives, agricultural property owners, and small businesses.

Preparing for New Windows in Delaware

Just a few things to consider prior to the project will streamline the installation by saving time, which saves you money.

  • Remove all obstacles blocking the windows in each room. This includes curtains, shades, blinds, curtain rods and hardware.
  • Make a clear path from the front or back door, whichever one the contractor will be using, of any furniture, rugs, or other obstacles. Once the contractor enters each room, the same applies. Move any furniture, accessories, wall art, lamps, etc., out of the way, ahead of time. to provide room for the contractor, laborers, and equipment.
  • An outside path leading to each window also needs to be free and clear of lawn statuary, bird baths, plants, chairs, or anything else blocking the window. It’s also a good time to trim back plants and bushes blocking the window.
  • Ask your contractor if drop cloth coverage of furniture is included in the estimate. If it is not and you’re responsible for the safety of your personal items, purchase drop clothes from the home improvement store and cover everything prior to the scheduled appointment for installation.
  • On the day of the installation, secure indoor and outdoor pets so they aren’t in harm’s way.

Installing new windows in your property is a smart investment and if done correctly by a professional using the type of material best-suited for your city, will have a long-lasting effect on energy efficiency. New windows also increase the value of your property especially when replacing out-of-date windows with a model that is designed to save money on monthly utility bills. If you follow these basic steps, the process for new window installation should be clear as glass when it comes to choosing the right product and the right contractor to secure your property for years to come.

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