North Carolina
Hurricane Florence Window Checklist

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North Carolina
Hurricane Florence Window Checklist

Emergency Window Repair Checklist

If you live in Cape Fear, North Carolina or any other areas who were effected by Hurricane Florence it’s important to get your home and life back to normal as quickly as possible. Your windows keep you safe from the outside elements, they are one of the most important features of your home. If your windows are shattered or broken during a hurricane storm, you will often need emergency window repair. The sooner you can get window replacement, you’ll be able to restore your privacy, safety, and comfort. But not all window damage is easy to see, and if it goes undetected, it can cause bigger issues—like structural or foundational damage—down the road.

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Emergency Repair Window Contractors

The State of North Carolina requires that all residential and building contractors operating in the state be licensed, certified and carry the proper type and amount of insurance coverage for emergency window repair. Hiring the right emergency window contractor is important as there are many who fall short of the strict, statewide requirements. You can verify the legality of potential North Carolina contractors and verify the status of their license online by visiting The North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors.

What to Do After Hurricane Florence

After experience a major hurricane, you may see your neighbors doing emergency window repairs or replacing their windows altogether. A home insurance adjuster may also be speaking to homeowners in the area.

It’s important for homeowners to be able to identify window damage after a hurricane. No matter what type of storm you have experienced, learn to spot signs of window damage so that you can get an emergency window repair in line for your home.

These emergency window repair tips and hurricane checklist will help you check for window problems after a hurricane.

This checklist will help you learn about:

  • Window Damages After the Storm
  • Hurricane Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Hurricane Window Replacement Costs

Window Damage After Hurricanes

Before inspecting the exterior of your home for damage, make sure that hurricane florence’s entirety of the storm has passed and it is safe to be outside. If you see downed power lines, electrical hazards, or flooding, keep away from the area and immediately call 911.

Even if the coast is clear, continue to be aware of potential hazards after the hurricane— especially on or near your roof. This is often the most dangerous place for post-storm damage as it can cause structural issues and is out of your line of vision. Check for fallen trees or heavy debris, and loose or broken shingles.

Hurricane Florence Wind Damage Check

High wind speeds have the potential to knock over trees, damage roofs, and —in severe cases— even shatter unsecured windows. After a heavy hurricane involving a windstorm, check on the exterior of your home for:

  • Shattered or broken panes
  • Cracks, holes, or dents in glass
  • Damaged or dented frames
  • Chipped or cracked paint, siding, or wood

Hurricane Florence Water Damage Check

Shattered glass and dents from hail and wind damage can be quickly identified, but the effects of water damage after hurricane florence can be easily missed by an untrained eye. Untreated water damage and leaks can lead to mold, which can affect your home’s foundation and structure.

Here are the most important places to check for signs of flooding, leakage, and general storm damage.

  • Windows: Look for moisture buildup (fog) between glass panes
  • Ceiling: Check for water spots, and yellow, copper, or brown discoloration
  • Walls: Inspect for signs of cracking, peeling, or bubbling in the paint or wallpaper.
  • Check your attic, basement, and crawl spaces for leaks, or a damp, musty smell, which can occur as soon as 24-48 hours after a storm.
  • Flooring: Examine for gaps or curling floorboards, sagging wood that feels soft to the touch, or expansion of wood and laminate floors, which occurs when the material becomes waterlogged.

A window is broken after a recent storm.


Replacement Hurricane Window Costs

Generally, impact-resistant windows with laminated glazing for a standard-sized window can average $400 – $800 per window.

Labor and installation costs can average $1000-$3000.

Because the construction of impact-resistant windows is more involved than traditional windows, they are heavier due to the framework, and they’re designed to meet special codes for durability, the price for each window is higher as well as the cost of installation.

Prices for impact-resistant windows are not set in stone. There are several factors involved, such as the window brand, material, glazing, your location, the standard window size, the number of windows needed, and the cost of installation and labor supplied by a contractor and crew.

Purchasing replacement windows in North Carolina means you will face some tough decisions regarding material types and window styles after replacing your windows.

About Hurricane Windows

When investing in impact-resistant windows, you will be purchasing windows designed to withstand the forces of nature. The window is constructed of impact-resistant glass mounted within a heavy-duty frame. This frame is then securely anchored within the window’s interior frame.

The material used for impact-resistant frames can be vinyl frames, wood frames, metal or a blending of these materials. There is usually an additive or strengthener, such as steel, added to the frame as an additional reinforcement factor. Hurricane resistant windows provide protection by using a combination of impact-resistant glass coupled with reinforced frames and a sturdy anchoring system.

Choosing Hurricane Storm Windows

When searching for replacement windows after a hurricane, check each window manufacturer carefully as not all windows available on the market are impact-resistant. According to Consumer Affairs, the following list is a sampling of the top 10 best-rated companies for windows and doors.

Window Rebates and Incentives – North Carolina

A new window installation project may require a significant out-of-pocket expense, especially for whole house installations. In addition, you might encounter unforeseen circumstances during the installation process that increase the cost of the project such as damaged drywall, rotten studs or concrete and stucco repair. To reduce out-of-pocket expense, it is to your benefit to take advantage of cost-cutting incentive programs available in North Carolina. Many state and city localities in North Carolina as well as the federal government have realized the value to energy conservation, and they have set in place home improvement rebates and incentives designed to promote energy efficiency. These programs often include window replacement when the windows meet a set criteria of energy efficiency.

  • Search for available rebates and incentive programs in North Carolina by visiting the “DSIRE” Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency website by clicking here.
  • Visit for a comprehensive list of tax credits, rebates and savings available to North Carolina residents.
  • Find incentives and rebates for energy efficient windows offered through utility and state programs in North Carolina by clicking here.

replacement windows in north carolina