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Replacement Window Installers in Ohio


Window Replacement
Contractors in Ohio

Replacement Window Buying Guide for Ohio

As an added resource in helping you plan for a new window installation, this buying guide outlines many of the steps necessary for the project. Whether you’re updating your property’s exterior for curbside appeal, or upgrading for better energy efficiency, a new window installation is a wise investment with ongoing benefits.

Checklist for New Window Installation in Ohio

  • Permit requirements for your city
  • Contractor selection
  • Ohio climate
  • Incentives, loan programs, tax credits for Ohio
  • Frames
  • Window styles
  • Glazing
  • Insulation
  • Home Preparation

Permits for New Window Installation in Ohio

One of the first things you’ll want to do is contact the Building, Planning or Development center for your city to determine the type of permit required for the project. Generally, whenever a modification is to be done, such as removal and installation of new windows or the size of the window opening must be changed, a permit is required along with a licensed contractor.

The permit ensures the work is being completed by a qualified contractor and the installation will be up to current building codes. Failure to apply for and receive a permit prior to starting the project could result in fines. Each city and state has its own rules, regulations, and ordinances governing when a permit is or is not required, so to be safe, check with your local authority.

Hiring Contractors for Ohio Window Installation

At the top of the list, along with applying for a permit, is the hiring process for a contractor. This is a key decision and one where you’ll want to do your research. If the company you’re buying the windows from offers contractor services, this is a good place to start but you’ll still want to validate credentials and work history.

For contractors you find in the phone book, on the Internet, or by word-of-mouth, you’ll want a minimum of 3 contractors to provide an estimate that covers materials, labor, window removal, clean up, transportation time, and any other service they provide for a fee. Ask for proof of insurance and their contractor’s license number and information. With some projects, a contractor’s license may not be required but insurance is necessary. Again, check with your local building code authority to determine what type of licensed contractor may or may not be required. Keep in mind it is in your best interest to hire a qualified and experienced contractor who will provide a warranty for the installation.

When a contract is presented to you, be sure it is signed, dated, and has the same information as the original estimate. You do not want to leave the door open to any hidden or after-the-fact fees or charges. The contract should specify a completion date. Depending on the number of old windows being removed and replaced along with any repair work that may be needed, an experienced contractor should be able to install one window per hour. A completion date is necessary so you can plan accordingly and so that the project does not go on indefinitely. Without a completion date, you leave the door wide open for an extended project.

Any down payment should be fully detailed on the contract as to what the money covers. The remaining balance should also be clearly outlined. Do not sign the contract if there is any missing information, until it is provided, or if there is any part of the contract that is unclear. Make sure you have a copy of the contract for your own records should you need to file a complaint. Without it, you have no proof of what was agreed upon.

Ohio’s Climate Considerations for Windows

This may seem like an unusual step in the window selection process but it is important, because different glasses – single, double and triple glazed – work best under specific situations and conditions. While double glazed windows work well in a hot and humid region, the triple glazed is better suited to colder regions. In Ohio, summer highs range in the mid 80-degree range with winter lows in the high teens. On average, the state receives 27 inches of snow, yearly, and 38 inches of rain. Rainy days are estimated at 128 and sunny days at 173 during the year. The state’s comfort index based on humidity is 46 out of 100 where the higher the index, the better the comfort level. The U.S. average is 44 out of 100.

Resources Concerning Window Products in Ohio

  • GreenBuildingWire.com – programs for air duct sealing and insulation.
  • Energy.gov – a listing of programs offering loans, tax credits and rebates.
  • EnergyStar.gov – information regarding federal tax credits when replacing windows with new, certified EnergyStar products.

Ohio Window Frames

Discuss with your contractor or sales person the best type of frame for your region. There are several to choose from with each having positive and negative points. The same importance of the Ohio climate as a factor for glass selection also applies when determining the type of window frames as some are more prone to moisture problems.

  • Vinyl frames tend to be a popular choice due to the material’s resistance to moisture, minimal maintenance requirements, and durability; and, there’s no need to worry about peeling paint.
  • Fiberglass offers a solid material that is durable and versatile. The air cavities of fiberglass frames can be filled with insulation to promote better energy efficiency.
  • Composite frames are hardy due to their construction of a mixture of composite materials. These frames resist decay and moisture.
  • Aluminum frames also require little maintenance. The material is light weight but durable. Aluminum does tend to conduct heat.
  • Wood frames offer a rugged and rustic look but the material is highly susceptible to seasonal weather. The moisture retained from rain, snow, ice and sleet cause the wood to contract. This allows moisture seepage that can lead to rotting and decaying of the wood material. Vinyl or aluminum cladding can help reduce maintenance issues.

replacement windows in ohio

Window Styles for Ohio Property

Choosing the window style depends on the design and architecture of your home or business. This list is an example of what is available for Ohio property owners.

  • Bay windows create a quiet respite with indoor seating that aligns with the window.
  • Picture windows are self-explanatory as they are designed with a large, solid pane of glass for the optimum viewing of the outdoors.
  • French casement windows come in a variety of styles and work much like a French door as they open outward.
  • Box windows make a visual statement as between 3 to 5 windows are lined up side by side.
  • Elliptical and Arch top windows are smaller windows designed to add a decorative touch to the property.

Glazing Information for Ohio Windows

Discuss glazing options with your sales rep. The three standard types are triple-pane glazing which is both energy efficient and cost effective; double-pane glazing which is also energy efficient due to specialized gas contained between the two panes; and single-pane glazing which is not recommended for main living or business areas as they are not efficient at regulating temperatures. This type is better suited for workshops and garages.

Adequate Insulation for Efficient Ohio Windows

While you may have installed top-of-the-line windows with high efficiency ratings, if your home is leaking air, the windows won’t work at their maximum level. Consider these tips to tighten up your property.

  • Check the weather stripping around all doors and replace, if necessary.
  • Caulk and seal all holes, cracks, and crevices around doors and any window areas not being upgraded.
  • Outside, seal areas around the foundation that may be causing air to leak in or out of the property.
  • Have the duct work inspected in case there are tears resulting in leaking air.
  • Ensure the property is up to standard on adequate attic insulation.

Preparing an Ohio Property for Window Installation

This short list will give you an idea about what you need to do to prepare your home prior to the contractor arriving at your doorstep. With these simple tips, you’ll save the contractor’s valuable time, which in turn, can save you money and ensure the project is completed on time.

  • Start with each room that will be getting a new window or windows and remove all of the treatments including valances, sheers, curtains, shade or blinds. You may also need to remove any hardware and rods.
  • Move all obstacles blocking the window including furniture, lamps, wall hangings and decorative items. The contractor needs room to move around and use necessary tools without worrying about breaking or damaging your personal items.
  • The walk from the front or back door to the designated new window area needs to be free of obstructions.
  • Outside, the path to each window also needs to be free and clear of obstructions such as patio chairs, plants, barbeque grills, or any other item that will impede their progress. This includes tall shrubs or flowers that may get in the way. Clip these back so the contractor has clear access to the window as repairs may be necessary.
  • Cover your furniture with sheets or purchase drop cloths from a home improvement center. Ask your contractor ahead of time if this service is provided. If it isn’t, you’ll have time to take care of it yourself before the scheduled date. Also ask if the contractor will be laying drop cloths over the flooring to prevent dust, dirt, paint, and material particles from getting into the carpet or damaging the floor surface.
  • Secure pets in a safe location during the installation.

New window installation is a good investment in the future as your property will continue to reap the rewards of better energy efficiency. Use these tips to help turn your new window project into a success with benefits for years to come.


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