Centrally located in Austin, Zoi Solar designs, builds, and installs residential solar panels in the greater Texas area as well as other key markets in the United States. They’re a growing company with a lean sales team, which made them a perfect fit for the Modernize Appointments product. Watch the video above or read their story below to hear how their choice to add Modernize Appointments to their salesforce has doubled their sales growth.

What is your role with Zoi Solar?

“My name is Robert Brunson, I’m the Senior Vice President of Zoi Solar, and we bring in technology to help homeowners not only save money on their utility bills, but also to take them to the future.”

What kind of growth have you seen since partnering with Modernize?

“We’ve seen basically a double growth in our sales, so we’re very happy about it. It supplements what we’re doing right now, but eventually we want to move in that direction completely so it takes over our organization as far as a sale channel.”

How have Modernize Appointments helped your business grow?

“We really like the product as a small company because obviously our cash flow is low as a smaller company, but as we grow it gives us the ability to turn-key something out without building out a call center. Salespeople traditionally aren’t good at follow-ups – they’re good at selling. We want to take that out of their hands and simply send them to an appointment to let them do what they’re good at. So, I’m very pleased with the product.”

Revenue aside, what is something you value in your relationship with Modernize?

“Most companies are very transactional, and I’m really excited about our relationship with Modernize because we’re diving deep into each other’s companies and trying to improve each other and raise the bar. That’s what I’m really excited about and how my new relationship is progressing.”

What separates Modernize from other marketing companies?

“A lot of time there are marketing companies that are fly-by-night that aren’t very professional and they’re inconsistent. So, we’re looking for somebody that can consistently show up and be professional in their presence in the market with us.”

What is your advice for companies that are looking to grow with Modernize?

“The keys to being successful with Modernize is simply understanding the process and the metrics.Once you understand those things, you can work to improve the inefficiencies within those elements. What we want to do is figure out what exactly our process is, refine that, and see how we can improve those metrics on both sides of the equation.”

Can you describe your relationship with Modernize in one word?

“There are multiple bottom lines in any relationship. Obviously we’re here for business and making money is very very important, but it’s not what we’re focused on. Money is a side effect of being good at what you do and loving what you do. My relationship with Modernize is a success on multiple levels. ”