Many homeowners may not know a lot about gutter installation or gutter cleaning services, so it can be common for homeowners to come to the consultation with a long list of questions.

As a gutter professional, you can show expertise through your preparation to answer these questions. In fact, you don’t need to wait until the question comes up. Build confidence with each customer by answering the most common questions before the customers ask.

While you can’t anticipate every question that will come up, there are a few common questions that you often hear:

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1: Can you provide me a free proposal?

It’s impossible to provide an accurate proposal over the phone, so invite the customer to schedule an on-site consultation. Explain to the customer that gutter systems are always custom fit to match the length of the roofline. Book a time to take measurements of the home, then follow through with a detailed estimate about the work that you are proposing. 

2: Are you licensed and insured?

Homeowners want reassurance that their selected contractor holds the right licensing and insurance coverage for the industry. As a contractor, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you are in good standing and minimize financial exposure if an accident happens. Tell each client that you are licensed and insured. Also, be prepared to provide more information about licensing and insurance when a customer asks about these business details.

3: Which products are right for my home?

Gutter installation typically uses either traditional materials or seamless gutters. Homeowners often ask if you are bringing 10-foot gutter sections to attach to the roofline or if you make seamless gutters on-site during the installation. Seamless products are more popular because homeowners want to decrease the risk of leaking.

4: Do you have customer references?

Reputation goes a long way to show customers that you have a proven history of excellence in the industry. Have a few references from previous jobs. It can also be helpful to be proactive in encouraging satisfied customers to post online reviews about your company.

5: Who will be completing the gutter installation?

Homeowners want to know about the experience and skills of the team that will be on-site during the installation. Are you bringing your own crew or outsourcing part of the project? Be upfront about this information, so there are no surprises when the team shows up on the installation day.

6: What do I need to know about gutter and roof warranties?

Providing warranty information for the new gutter system gives homeowners the peace of mind to know that coverage is available if something goes wrong after installation. Also, be prepared to discuss how gutter services could affect roofing warranties – it’s possible that a homeowner’s roof warranty has stipulations about disturbing the roofline.

7: What colors are available?

While gutters are more about function than aesthetics, homeowners take pride in the appearance of their homes. They want to know that the gutters will look great. Provide information to each homeowner about customization options for the gutters, such as colors that will blend, accent, or complement the other colors on the home.

8: Do I need gutter guards?

You can also discuss additional features, such as gutter guards, gutter cleaning, and other applicable services. For example, homeowners who don’t want to spend time cleaning the gutters often want to invest in guards that prevent clogs, debris, and pests.

Your confidence in sharing information and answering questions can build the trust a homeowner needs to move forward on the project. Even if you don’t address all of these questions during a consultation, preparing quality talking points can help to guide the sales consultation.

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