Recently, we sat down with Keith Sinnot, Chief Marketing Officer, and Ryan Howie, Senior Vice President of Operations, from Homefix Custom Remodeling (HCR). Modernize has supplied Homefix Custom Remodeling with a steady stream of window leads and roofing lead generation to feed their revenue goals since 2012. Keith proudly admits, “our relationship with Modernize is ever-growing. We have experienced growth that’s nearly hard to understand or keep up with over the past five years”. Hear their story of success by watching our video above or read the interview below!

What is your goal in working with Modernize?

“The main goal has always been growth. My initial goal was to grow and be one of the top contenders with our canvas groups. Over time, I surpassed all of them! It was nice to see us as the top of the leaderboard that Modernize was number one as a group.”

How has your relationship with Modernize evolved?

“Our relationship with Modernize is ever-growing. We have doubled and tripled the volume we’ve done in our past years, but Modernize has always remained steady chunk of our business; Never fluctuating down… it’s always trending upward and making everything better. ”

What can new partners expect in working with Modernize?

“They’re going to press you for the information they need to make your account better. They’re going to keep you on your toes in terms of reporting, and make sure they’re constantly building your business alongside of you. Sometimes it can be a little grueling because it is a tough business to generate your own appointments, but they hold you to a higher standard and you’ll see the positive results.”

How has Modernize impacted your business?

“It’s been extremely helpful! Due to the influx of appointments which end up turning into net business, we’ve been able to hire more people, we’ve been able to advance more people, we’ve built our infrastructure, we’ve been able to make amazing predictions that actually come true, and it’s created a lot of stability in a company that has grown substantially in the past 6-7 years.”
Modernize has always been a rock for us. At the end of the day, no matter what happens, even in slower months or through explosive growth, we can always depend on each other to get through and making sure the leads we receive are the best that we can get. And that we do our job at the same time – that we don’t waste any opportunity that we’ve been given. We treat every single lead that’s been given to us with the same vigor that we treat everything else. It’s always worked out for us.”

What is your advice for companies new to digital marketing?

“Try everything, but go with your gut. If you don’t understand something or don’t know the inner workings of it – ask. At the end of the day, there are so many avenues you can take with digital marketing. Obviously, some work better than others, but with a little work and mental application, it always works out in the end.
“My best advice would be to let go of your trepidation and take their lead. A good company is going to have their client’s best interest at heart, and that’s obvious here at Modernize. My best advice would be to simply trust them.”