Under the ownership of Crane Renovation Group, Mr. Roof and Able Roof specialize in roof repairs and installations with a dedication to serve their homeowners with superior service, quality work, and a fair price. The award-winning company has become the largest residential roofing company in the United States, and Jim Ziminski, President of Mr. Roof, Able Roof, and Crane Renovation Group, is a veteran in the industry with more than 30 years under his tool belt.

The partnership between Crane Renovation Group and Modernize began in 2016 when Jim Ziminski sought additional revenue growth channels through new roofing leads. Ziminski explains, “Our initial goal in working with Modernize was to create more opportunities for our sales team. We wanted to be able to reach consumers in a different way than we were able to do so on our own. Ultimately, we wanted to learn from Modernize, have Modernize learn from us and be good partners to expand our business”. Watch the video above or read the story below to hear more about our partnership with Mr. Roof.

What is your ultimate goal in working with Modernize?

“Our initial goal in working with Modernize was to create more opportunities for our sales team. I think as we’ve learned Modernize and built a relationship with Modernize, our goal was to learn faster and better by sharing information back and forth.”

How has your relationship with Modernize evolved over time?

“The basis of the relationship was to build trust. Once we built that trust, it’s evolved to where we share more information and data. We love to look at research and data, Modernize does as well, and when we do that together, we’re more powerful as a unit than we are individually.”

What are some fundamental elements to the relationship?

“We are a family-oriented business. We’re owned by Crane group that’s been in business for 70 years, so the two things that are most important to us are trust and value.”

How would you have started your relationship with Modernize differently?

“At the start, we were testing the waters. I think we were too public about that with our people which led to cherry-picking the leads. The reality was that people saw that we weren’t fully committed at the beginning. Once we fully committed and we really began to look at the process, learn, and open up what we were experiencing with Modernize and saw that they wanted to hear our good and negative feedback in order to improve. People saw we were all in, we really got much better at working together and creating more value for us with the Modernize leads.”

What would be your advice for companies looking to grow with Modernize?

“Get together with your Modernize representative and share your information – They’re a very trustworthy company. Ask them to share their information – Modernize is very open. Learn from one another – that’s really the power. You’re going to learn faster if you’re working together instead of keeping them at arm’s length.”

How would you describe Modernize in one word?

“In one word, we would say value. We value the relationship.”